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How to Know You’ve Won a Tithing Debate


Don’t get all self-righteous on me. I know that it’s not really a battle or a game to debate God’s word, but being right is fun, is it not? Who wants to be wrong? Also, who wants to spend hours

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Tithing Is For Dummies


We already know that Tithing is for Pagans and it is also for Sissies, but the practice of Tithing is also for Dummies too. Hopefully by the end of this enlightening article I’ll take you to school to wise’n up

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Mark Driscoll on Tithing

mark driscoll

Mark Driscoll gets tithing wrong. Let’s look at some quotes The issue is never the dollars, always the devotion. Of course tithing is about the dollars, otherwise why would we be talking about the tithe at all. I don’t know

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Wrong Reasons Believers Give To Your Church

money down the drain

Just came across a post found on written by Rick Warren titled, “8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church”. I found it by going to one of my frequently visited sites - In the article Warren gives 8 motivating

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13 Reasons Why You Should Tithe

Why Not sign

We’ve given you lots of reasons on this website on why you should not tithe, so here are a bunch of reasons why you should tithe. You Want to be Cursed If you want to be cursed, then a good

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