Mark Driscoll on Tithing

Mark Driscoll gets tithing wrong.

Let’s look at some quotes

The issue is never the dollars, always the devotion.

Of course tithing is about the dollars, otherwise why would we be talking about the tithe at all. I don’t know of any tithe teaches who believe as long as you tried to give a tithe, then that’s all that matters. A tither believes that a minimum of 10% belongs to God and if it’s not given, the devour will be after their finances.

Is Tithing a Sacrifice?

Mark Driscoll related tithing with sacrificial giving numerous times. But how can ‘sacrificial’ and ‘tithing’ be synonymous when everyone’s income and financial level is drastically different from one another? Let me explain. If a rich person gave 10% and if a poor person gave 10%, how much more sacrificial is the poor person’s 10%? Could you consider the rich person to be sacrificial at all?

Our definition of sacrifice is so distorted because most of us are fairly spoiled. Most spoiled people have a strong lust for possessions. So in our eyes, sacrifice might not mean that we gave  much. It could mean that we gave very little but had to fight our urges to keep all of it.  Let me be clear, the extent at which you had to overcome your lust in order to give is not the also the extent of your sacrifice. We act as if overcoming our sinful nature is adding points to our  scoreboard. Most Americans (or other 1st world countries) look at their sacrifices in this way – “God i really wanted that 85-inch flat screen LED 3D TV, but i know that would be selfish so i did not buy it.” Inconvenience does not equate to sacrificial. !0% is sacrificial to some, but not all.

Is Tithing and First Fruits the Same Thing?

10% of your gross not your net. The bible calls it firstfruits. You give first and best to God.

Any half-intelligent person who has studied tithing would know this is just an obvious false statement. There’s no debate about gross vs net tithing. It’s not even questionable. Here are two clear points

  1. Israel was not required to tithe on their first or the best. Leviticus 27:32-33 says clearly that the tenth (not the first) animal was set aside as the tithe. And that they were not to search whether it was good or bad.
  2. The first fruit offering was a completely separate gift, offered at a completely separate time, with a completely separate purpose & meaning. The tithe and the first fruit offering were never synonymous in the bible.

I could go into even more evidence disproving the relation to tithing and first fruits, but i would just be beating a horse that is inanimate, breathless, and without all other signs of life. This is not an argument about whether or not God deserves the best. It’s all His, so He deserves the best & worst and first & last.

You don’t have to be a scholar to see that Mark Driscoll (modern church movement leader) is wrong about something so clear and simply written in the bible. Has the guy even read the parts about tithing? I could see how people put on the blinders when it comes to defending tithing, but to also be wrong about first fruit offerings means there’s a habitual problem.

The Tithing Apocalypse

zombie with moneyMoney tends to place people under some sort of spell. We become zombies and will destroy our  closest relatives to satisfy our craving for it. We tend to lose our soul, sanity, and intellect just for the sake of controlling the flow of money. Because of money, thorough preachers will nonchalantly read past scripture when they typically are exhaustive.

Bad doctrine by influential speakers spreads like an apocalyptic disease. The effects consume quickly and efficiently, but to reverse course takes so much effort and time. Hopefully one day Mark Driscoll will get tithing right. Chances of us finding a cure for this tithing zombie apocalypse seem pretty slim at this point.

Jared Bartholomew is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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4 comments on “Mark Driscoll on Tithing
  1. Tony Isaac says:


    The constant reference to the tithe being the best of your firstfruit has truly reached scandalous proportions. Like you said, it should be obvious to even a half-intelligent person that there is a whole world of difference between the tithe and the firstfruit but the problem is many Christians seem to live their brains at home when going to church.

    I tried desperately to show how wildly different these 2 concepts were and someone accused me of ‘mathematical tomfoolery’. Even their take on the tithe as being 10% is even wrong because trying to calculate a 10% tithe on an odd number of animals would have being extremely difficult for the average israelite.

    I explained that firstfruit refers to the first while the tithe refers to the tenth and I illustrated with an example. If we had 13 people queuing up at an ATM and the tenth person was African American, does being the tenth make him 10% of the population of the queue in front of the ATM? They still didn’t get it because this false teaching has brainwashed them so badly.

    It’s quite sad you know.

  2. Herbert Pollard says:

    Mark, I have written a book on tithing that will be available in the very near future. I am not against tithing in and of itself. My issue is with the legalistic teachings and dogmas that have been established and imposed upon the Believers by fearful and ignorant leaders. When a person is told that they are “robbing God” if they don’t tithe, or that they are “cursed” if they don’t tithe, it places them in an obligatory behavioral pattern. That is in total disharmony with 2 Cor. 9:7 which instructs us to ‘purpose in our hearts’ what to give; not out of necessity (obligation, or compulsion) or grudgingly (an unwilling attitude).If a person purposes to tithe, then by all means, tithe. However, there are some who cannot afford ten percent. There are others who wouldn’t miss it. When we acknowledge that the Law was in place to help guide men’s minds and hearts towards God, the sooner we will fully embrace the finished work of Christ. Furthermore, 99.9% of churches are not obeying the instructions of the tithing system. The tithe was for the priests, Levites and feasts. How many greeters, deacons, children’s church workers, praise team members, etc. are receiving from the tithe today? NONE! What happened? Manipulation of God’s people happened…That’s all I will share for now…Peace and blessings.

  3. Tom says:

    The Bible text concerning “firstfruits, best and first” is taken from Proverbs 3, 9: “Honour the Lord with all of your possessions, with the firstfruit of all of your revenue.” I translated a German Bible into English as I don’t have an English Bible at hand right now.

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