Tithing is for Pagans

demon taking money

It’s becoming a yearly tradition to re-post this on Halloween. Enjoy If you believe in the doctrine of tithing and aren’t offended by the title, perhaps you should also read my previous post – “Tithing is for Sissies“. But before

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Making Love to the Tithe

If you are one of those who are in love with tithing (ahem, prosperity pimps) and fantasize about financial blessings, then this video is for you. LISTEN UP!

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Tithing Confession

tithing confession

If you navigate to the website of Family Community Church in North Highlands, CA, you will come across their “Tithing Confession” page. here is the link – http://familycc.org/tithing-confession Look at the ridiculous, and comical tithing confession below Every single one

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Pat Robertson on Tithing

Pat Robertson

Listen to Pat Robertson’s response to this person’s inquiry below Melissa: “Our family is struggling financially. We cannot pay our mortgage and now it’s getting to the point to where our tithe to our church is taking away from paying

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Review: KNPR Interview on Tithing

KNPR State Of Nevada

Here is the audio (transcript below) from the radio interview Thursday on KNPR radio about tithing in the Recession. I only spoke for a minute or two within the last 7 minutes of the program, so you may want to

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