How Many Tithes Were in the Bible?

multiple tithes or single

One of the most often debated topics within the tithing discussions is how many tithes were in the bible. There are multiple viewpoints to how many tithes there were, but i will contrast the two main ones. First, there is

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Bob’s Fairy Tale – Tithing Video

It’s a shame to come across such a good quality video to not only find it teaching the error of tithing but blatantly inserting a flat-out lie. The exact quote from the video is that, “Jesus himself talked about tithing to the

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Surpirse! Church Pastors Keeping More for themselves

practice what you preach

The State Journal Register released a news article outlining research and giving statistics released  in October 2011 by Empty Tomb Inc. Here are some short points taken from SJR about the research below “Parishioners gave about 2.38 percent of their income

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Rick Warren on Tithing

rick warren darth sith

Rick Warren on tithing in his blog post completely and utterly manipulated and twisted scripture to defend the tithe. You can read it here in his blog post. Or just read the excerpt below “The purpose of tithing is to

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Tithing is for Pagans

demon taking money

It’s becoming a yearly tradition to re-post this on Halloween. Enjoy If you believe in the doctrine of tithing and aren’t offended by the title, perhaps you should also read my previous post – “Tithing is for Sissies“. But before

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