The New Tithe

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Church Gives Automated Call to Remind You to Tithe

tithe call

As i was going through my routine of reading blogs on tithing, i came across the New BBC Open Forum. Here the writer shares a story of receiving an automated phone call to remind him to tithe this upcoming sunday.

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The Tithe That Binds – Rory O. Moore

the tithe that binds

I finished the book, “The Tithe That Binds” by Rory O. Moore recently (probably a few months back). I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it. I’ve actually posted a short testimony by Rory Moore some time ago so

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The Annual $34 Billion Church Scandal

Found this astounding but horrific article on a blog called “Christian Headlines Blog” that opens up the research on how religious organizations provide a safe haven for 34 billion in fraud and theft ANNUALLY! Here’s a few excerpts. It will

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Churches Find End is Nigh

Not long after we hear the news of the Crystal Cathedral filing for bankruptcy, the WSJ posts an interesting story on the growing number of church organizations filing for bankruptcy and foreclosing on the property. There article can be found

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