Tithing Is For Dummies

We already know that Tithing is for Pagans and it is also for Sissies, but the practice of Tithing is also for Dummies too. Hopefully by the end of this enlightening article I’ll take you to school to wise’n up

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Guest Post – David Croteau: Tithing After the Cross

tithing after the cross

About 1 1/2 years ago I was contacted by an old professor of mine, Dr. David Alan Black, and he requested that I write a book for the new publishing company he had become an editor for: Energion Publications. Specifically, he

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Mark Driscoll on Tithing (Updated)

mark driscoll

UPDATED – August 31, 2016 I originally wrote this blog post in 2013 that was highlighting Mark Driscoll’s support for tithing. But I’ve just come across a video posted august 29, 2016 of Mark Driscoll seemingly to disagree with tithing

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Wrong Reasons Believers Give To Your Church

money down the drain

Just came across a post found on pastors.com written by Rick Warren titled, “8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church”. I found it by going to one of my frequently visited sites –¬†http://fbcjaxwatchdog.blogspot.com/ In the article Warren gives 8 motivating

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Beware of The Big Green Monster

green monster

Probably the most criticism i receive about this site is not the fact that i am against tithing. This may seem surprising considering that the tithing (so-called) doctrine is so near-and-dear to many. Actually the number one criticism i receive

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