Judgmental Statements About Freewill Givers

man blowing fire out of mouth

The wrath and judgment that spews out of the mouth of others is pretty astounding when i tell them that i do not believe in tithing. You get this bitter vibe coming from them. To be honest it resembles the

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Ten Tough Questions to Ask Tithers


This article was origninally published on our old site. I have decided to rewrite and improve it. This is a list of questions that you should ask tithing supporters. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, why has

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Free Tithing E-book Download

tithing ebook

One of the biggest perks of the new site is the free, new, tithing e-book. It’s not all about tithing, but it’s merely a deconstruction of tithing, and then an embracing of Spirit led giving. There is an introduction, a

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Out with the Old in with the New

breaking bondage banner

Ok. The new and improved site is here. As you can see, the number one change is the new domain. This site used to be located at www.tithing.com, but now here we are at www.tithing.com. The next largest change is

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$11 Million Christian Ponzi Scheme

Ephren Taylor

An ABC News story written by Steve Osunsami states that Ephren Taylor is being accused of $11 million Christian ponzi scheme by the SEC. Not surprisingly, he has had influence upon New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with Eddie Long, as well as

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