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How many of you have been out to see the documentary on intelligent design by Ben Stein? I went to see it last week. It was very practical and i enjoyed it. Anyways, that’s not the point of the post …

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Many people misunderstand my anti-tithe position many times. I would like to clarify my position a little more. I believe sacrificial, spirit-led giving is still commanded to continue to support God’s work. After all, the Spirit is the one that …

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I just went through and wrote on a bunch of other blogs, so i figured i’d write a blog on some of the good tidbits that i had come up with when i wrote comments. -there’s something that just bugs …

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If i were to say to my kids, “tonight, we’re going to skip dinner so that mommy and daddy can save up for a house”, do you think that i could be reported to child affairs? I guess the same …

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At the beginning of the Old Covenant, Abraham set a pattern of giving that his children could follow throughout the remainder of the Covenant. So in response to the beginning of a New Covenant, our forefathers, just as Abraham did, …

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