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Subversive1 Blog Post

Came across a great blog post today/tonight (it’s 1:30am). Check it out here: Subversive1. Here’s a little excerpt to give you an idea of what it mentions. Other than this, you’ll have to go to the link to read the

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Have Debt? Start Tithing

bondage to debt

Oh yes, another example of someone getting out of debt by tithing. Read the story here ““.  I have to be careful here, because i do believe God honors faith, as well as sacrificial giving, which means that i believe

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Tithing: A Catch 22

Under a tithing system, a pimps financial security is not dependent upon freewill givers guided by spiritual discernment. For this fact alone, tithing in the Spirit led Church incubates heretical teaching. The law has no authority to command support for

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Another Video on Tithing – God Pie

pumpkin pie

I just posted a tithe rap video yesterday, and now i found another video on tithing. This tight economy must really be crunching church budgets. I’ve never seen such  an increase of videos on tithing and giving. Watch the video

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Tithe Rap

Well somebody has finally done it. They made a tithe rap. { sigh }

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