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Athletes and Evangelists Cross Paths

On ESPN, John Barr  did a special on rich athletes who give large sums of the tithe to their churches. The videos of the excerpt and a link to the ESPN article are posted below. First i will get into

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Same Old BPNews Vomit

Once again there is an article on bpnews.net promoting the tithe while  regurgitating the same old vomit. You can see the article written by Howard Dayton here. Yes, Yes, i know, Howard Dayton does a great deal of good for

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Blog Changes

I’ve been making some recent changes to this blog. The major change is the addition of Google ads on this website. I didn’t want to do it, but i have a business that i work at home for, and i

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Should Church Financial Budgets be Public?

magnifying glass over financial records

Do you believe that it’s wrong for churches not to publicly display how all the tithes and offerings were allocated throughout the year? Is there any scriptures in God’s word that support your reasoning? Why do you think some churches do

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Have Debt? Start Tithing

bondage to debt

Oh yes, another example of someone getting out of debt by tithing. Read the story here “CBN.com“.  I have to be careful here, because i do believe God honors faith, as well as sacrificial giving, which means that i believe

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