Tithing and Still Broke by Niral Russell Burnett

Tithing and Still Broke by Niral BurnettI was going through my bookshelf the other day and reorganizing some things and i noticed this book. I knew i had read it but found out i haven’t written a review yet about it. It’s been a while so hopefully my memory isn’t too blank. I purchased the book because the title intrigued me, “Tithing and Still Broke”. Niral Russell Burnett is the author and basically spins the idea of the book off of people’s doubts about tithing’s financial return. Of course most of us are familiar with the Malachi 3 statement, “I will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing so that you will not have room enough to receive it.”

Before i read this book, i remember using this exact phrase as a pundit to get my point across. Many people were tithing, but they were still broke. Supposedly, if that’s the case, God is either punishing you for that one Sunday you missed five years ago, or your faith is not strong enough, or your heart is not right. Although you have been faithfully giving the tithe, one of these three issues is what is keeping you from God blessing you right?

I write a lot of comments on other blogs that talk about tithing. I try to add my 2 cents, but the one type of blogs that i do not add comments on are the personal testimonies. I’m sure many of you have heard testimonies that portray a couple that gives their $127.67 tithe check to the church and then God doubles or even gives them 10x the amount to the exact penny. Some things to note on those people. One, that only happens once. Two, for some reason it doesn’t happen to everyone. Three, it never happened to me.

I have no doubts that God purposefully blessed them with that exact amount, but i have no doubts that it wasn’t because they obeyed the tithe. Why? Because those situations happen to those people who give freewill offerings as well. I forget to mention above, but the reason why i do not comment on the testimony blogs is because the ability to convince them that their blessing didn’t come from an old testament law is similar to convincing you that you are not real. That tithing testimony is so real to them, that scripture will not convince them otherwise.

You see, God blesses the faith and the sacrifice. He does not bless us on our performance. Let me ask this? What do you think God would bless more – A person who makes a decision to pay a bill of $200 to get out of debt, or a person who gives $200 to his church? What is the greater spiritual need? Who determines that the building fund is a greater need than someone paying off debt? I don’t know? You tell me. I’m sure the question follows, “Well why can’t we do both- Pay off some of the debt and give some to the church”? I’m not saying he can’t. My point is that God does not judge man on how much he gives, he judges man on how good of a steward he is.

Giving can be part of stewardship, but for illustration sake let’s refer to the master who left 3 of his stewards some talents. Two out of Three had taken the talents and invested it, and had more in the end. The third one actually gave 100% of his talents back to his master, but was still considered a bad steward.

I appreciate Niral Burnett’s challenge to bring more faith and sacrifice into tithing, but tithing + faith is not the only equation to God’s blessing. Yes, i do think finances can be a blessing for those of you who think money is a curse. I don’t know about you but i appreciate material things. They are not a curse until they become an idol. An idol is not exactly something you bow down to. It can be a material possession that God’s Spirit asks you to give up but you hold onto.

First, I think people are tithing and still broke because they lack the financial discipline to say “no” to their idols. Second, i think people are tithing and still broke because they put themselves under the requirement of a law that had been fulfilled. I think people are tithing and still broke simply because they can’t afford to tithe.

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84 comments on “Tithing and Still Broke by Niral Russell Burnett
  1. Cindy P. says:

    Tithing is a deeply personal choice.  But I think that there are ways to contribute to the Church and deal with your personal debts.  God does not punish people who give less or does he give more to people who financially contribute more.  I have seen people donate a bunch of money to the Church and they sit in the back of the Church, rush out as soon as they can, and they do not set foot in the Church except for Sunday morning. 

    If you are struggling with tithing to the Church please understand that many religious organizations really are in need of your volunteer time.  Sometimes organizations and churches have to pay out of their financial donations for people to do work at the Church or charitable organization.  So you can contribute time in lieu of actual cash.  As you pay off your debts as quickly as you possibly can, then you can increase over time, your cash contribution. 

    I addition, I think that once you have conquered your debts, you actually have more cash, time, and love to share. You are not stressed out by your own personal situation and you can serve others better.  Financial issues are the number one reason people get divorced also.

    • Tamara says:

      Tithing is biblical and not a choice! According to Malachi 3:8-10, you are robbing God if you don’t pay tithes and offering and you will also be cursed. Faithfully tithing is very important as a Christian. He says to prove him and he will open the windows of heaven and he will pour out a blessing. Unfortunately, many Christians do not tithe and sow seeds. This is all biblical!

      • Mark says:

        Tithing is not just biblical it is something that allows you to work out your salvation can a man be saved without it no what is the commandment of God today grow in the grace and knowledge of him otherwise there is no pattern for faith to conform to therefore knowledge is what saves not how much money you give to a local church who is not sharing the secrets of the spirit over there collections yes the text the first apostles have made known to you but have others made known Christ to you in truth and spirit because of the apostles doctrine if not there are no apostles in that church

      • Mark davis says:

        Tithing is not just biblical it is something that allows you to work out your salvation can a man be saved without it no what is the commandment of God today grow in the grace and knowledge of him otherwise there is no pattern for faith to conform to therefore knowledge is what saves not how much money you give to a local church who is not sharing the secrets of the spirit over there collections yes the text the first apostles have made known to you but have others made known Christ to you in truth and spirit because of the apostles doctrine if not there are no apostles in that church

    • Frankie says:

      Yes I agree with Cindy P. Tithe your time and what God has blessed you with. God knows why we give what we give. So whatever we give, give from the heart and give God our time.

  2. mark says:

    Gooday to you cindy.
    i understand what you mean,however because of what i know,and i cant talk for very
    long,because of a vow i made,if somebody,anybody,is still till this very day,seeking to
    find the invisible pattern of the lord,which the lord users where mal3;10 states pay your tithe
    this way,im afraid that you will no find any kind of pattern there that the lord users,why,
    it is invisible to you for the simple reason being rm8;2,rm8;2 is covernant based law because
    the pattern that the lord users is there,what that pattern is is invisible to,thats why you need
    a teaching apostle to teach you,=mr eric vonanderseck is the docter in charge that will help
    you with this issiue concerning the tithe,and because covernants have changed,so has the
    way we are suppose to pay tithes,because of rm;2 and its true meaning behind it,as it says
    the law is in christ,not the bible.thats right a labourer needs a altar to labour at as you know
    also the bible states over and over again,that we need to be in christ,for the simple reason
    of fellowship with the holyghost,wat we touch by faith which is santified of God,God users
    because it is santified by God,=1pet1;2.
    Godbless and goodday to you.

  3. mark says:

    the word=apocrychal means in the greek=to hide.
    ask yourself one question “cindy”,and i dont have a problem with the kingjamesversion
    of the bible,but the question is,being=was king james while making the decisions made that
    he did,of cause under the counsel of others ie;clergy,other officals,of his day,was there in his
    midst a living apostle=no,thats why christs pattern,the teaching of rm8;2 was missing,im
    afraid the devil is at work again here as well,but the first apostles did say that it would
    happen,according to enochs book if you understand it properly there time according to the
    calander he received from God,was the time of the eight week of rightuesness,there are 10
    weeks all in all,the tenth is eternity the end of time,this scale is the scale you need to
    measure you faith with because it is this book that living apostles,teach from just like the
    apostles of the bible taught from them as well,jude eg;jude 14,15 again the book quoted
    from enoch look it up,1en. chap 2;1,theres 3 of them books of enoch,=the first=1en,chap 2;1
    yes living apostles back then quoted from the scriptues as you can see,this is why,living
    apostles today,teach from the books,and why not after all they are Gods books,the sprit works
    with truth right,in confirmation of who he is the word of God,jesus christ=rm8;2
    the eighth week is here again because of this reason=the 9th and 10th weeks are coming
    find out more at second8thweek.com.

  4. mark davis says:

    are two heads better then one=no why =jesuschrist.
    one person,one sprit,one God
    casey ringer s8w teacher of this subject;the trinity.
    the Godhead made easy at last.

  5. Mark,
    Your comments do not make sense. you are obviously using a translator. 

  6. Rick says:

    When you are born of above of the truth you are a Melchisedec preist with Yahshua in his body and you live in his Glory sometimes you give 100% but you are always in his love and have entered into his rest which says give him no rest until he makes Yahrusalem a praise in all the earth and you pray with groanings that cannot be uttered as you want all souls to  be saved. Yahrusalem in you is full of victory and praise and you are baptised into Yahshua’s name as Yahway gave him a name above every other name and you know that you dont confuse the doctrine of submission of all things to his name. If this is not true of you 100% yu need a savior and his salvation.

  7. mark davis says:

    if your happy and you know it clap your hands,worship is not for me no more,why
    if a deman is opening the doors of investment for you because of answered prays
    it doesnt mean that he is not deaf,and what he is blessing im not clapping to,you
    all need to get your facts straight about this kind of putting your trust in God,in this
    way,is God do you think honestly acknowledging the old tithe of the jews anymore
    the pattern is the same as a history is itself it is pastime and history,check it out
    rm8;2 rm8;2 rm8;2 please do not make me say this one again,read it,question it
    and obey it,go to s8w.com and there is the doctrine for it,the mystery of christ in
    full constrast before your very eyes,where do you see rm8;2 tell you to go the mal3;10
    and obey that scripture from the heart,it says the law is in christ,therefore somebody
    like old times had to be caught up into the heavens and have it revealed to them,why
    do you struggle with this one everyone why should you find it strange that God would
    raise up a man to teach you the meaning of this scripture,being it cannot be figured out
    unless revealed first to you by a teacher of it ie a man of God,do you think God has
    abandened you for ever and has not provided you with a way out,to get right with him
    eric has the teaching go there for yourself.goodday and godbless you all.

  8. markdavis says:

    Goodday everyone.
    be very careful of the wiles of the devil,when i say devil,i mean all of them not
    just satan on a whole,he as you know is very cunning,and a great deciever,from
    the garden to up to now,he has used scripture to deceive many,and rob man of
    his faith,he cometh to kill steal,and destroy,a scripture says so it is that pattern
    he has used since eden itself,notice what he did,he stepped in and took over from
    adam then used eve to get to him,what did he do,he taught Gods word,by using
    Gods word,the way he did,thats how he gets people ensared by his lie,and takes over
    st matt4;1-11.again he tryed it on with christ himself the righteus,some devil right
    evidence submitted to you,what does he use apart from scripture i will add,preaching
    yes,preaching is a tool he users as well,why preaching is one of the 9 tools of the second
    covernant of God,this is why he users it,because it is a tool,and very hander for him,being
    as i mentioned already about adam and eve,he got through to adam by using eve first
    to preach to him,by preaching to her first,question when anyone who spoke Gods word
    spoke what was they doing=preaching.so concerning mal3;10 be careful folks about that
    kind of teaching,because preaching is a tool which satan can use against you,by using
    preachers aware to them,one has to question what foundation are they preaching from
    what kind of doctrine/blueprint has been handed onto a man who teachers from mal3;10
    and calls that covernant faith,yes the old kind yes not the new,rm8;2 the teaching of it is
    covernant based now and santified of God,not mal3;10,the teaching of it rm8;2 is the
    apostles doctrine,yes it must be,it says the law is in christ,this is the bible telling you this
    ie where did moses get the torah from,or paul the new,rm8;2,that teaching is the pattern
    that God is using for your faith,why its a valid law that is used by the holy sprit,since pauls
    death many things has happened over time including pauls death,so you can imagine what
    happened sabotage etc,also now that kingjames sealed the cannon in 1611,that has become
    the foundation of foundations for preachers to use and create doctrine from,why it is there
    to be used espically abused,like the storyline of eden satan used what to get to eve then
    of course adam,you can see him working it to the bone again,again christ himself,and now
    the cannon has come together,and you dont need anything outside it,because of james
    overseeing of it,well sorry rm8;2 is one scripture of 1000s of scripture,and is the real
    foundation teaching everyone needs,but you must admitt there are many others to right
    why satan is using his inspiration through preaching,because of doctrine to promote the
    word i a way where it reflects what was going on at the begining,why does he do it this way
    what is hes intention,so you can brake both old and new testament commandments
    1)rm8;2 because you dont know what it is,so how can you obey it,2)because of that keep
    the mal3;10 believe alive and excerise your faith it,that way demans have acess to you
    blessings getting you to think that it is God that is sending you his angels but really because
    the devil is that smart,he knows he can send his scouts out to bless you,because you are
    braking the old covernant commandment by keeping the mal3;10 requirement of old,ill
    say that again old not new,therefore this is what is going on to,exodus 20;7 using his name
    in vain,because you are ignorant of what rm8;2 means,hes got you on both accounts,again
    to round this one off,someone responds to the teaching of mal,and users it,prays claims the
    blessing in jesus name,but where does rm8;2 say go to mal to do this,whoops wrong move
    the devil is in the detail=doctrine,pus using the tool preaching again to rob you of your faith
    well there you go the devils lie exposed about tithe.

  9. ME ME WILLIAMS says:


  10. MARK DAVIS says:

    comment;you have been cursed with a everlasting curse,for how have we robbed you,through tithes and offerings,question 1cor12,mentions the things of God,when the lord said to peter,concerning the money he had in his hand,whos subscription is this,casers,then the lord replied,render to the things that be of God,God,and casers,casers,question where is casers blessing mentioned in the whole of chapter twelve of corith,9 gifts there are,and not once is the things of caser mentioned,money,ok let me put it in another way then,does it say,go to mal3;10 and obey that scripture,no,so that can only mean one thing,the tithe is not valid anymore for faith,why,we are under a new covernant now which requires no more that kind of sacrifice at the altar,why christ himself is the chefcornerstone,the replacement of the old altar,therefore this is why,the gifts things of God,exist in his spirit,the things of the spirit,this is why bringing 10% worth of your income to him,is not bringing your income to him at all,?when was the last time,your faithful highpriest reach down from heaven,and said wonderful thank you for the tithe,now that jesus has come and gone back as a person who holds the greatest title of all as priest and king,no you cant come to him and do that,why he is the altar you tithe to because of the gifts of the spirit,why,because of what rm8;2 means,the law in him is what he gives witness to,2jn1;9 agrees with eph2;20 that there is one doctrine,one law,which the spirit users for the purpose of salvation,and because of this our obedience to God comes through the altar who is christ,i am the way,truth,life,NO man cometh to the father,but by me,yes exactly but why,you need a altar in order to approach God,this is why christ is that altar,his blood was shed for the remission of sin,this is why he is the chefcornerstone,and by this understanding of what is meant,the law is the revealation of christ as the cornerstone,yes as the law is revealed,grace is one stone,2 faith,3righteusness,4,5,6,>s8w.com find out more,12 in all,this is the revealation of christ,the law of the spirit,he is and witness to and of it,by his spirit,when he does give witness to it,it is because of faith,faith touching the things of the spirit,when this happens,he gives witness to his law=record of himself=cornerstone,this is confirmation that we are obeying him perfectly by faith,because faith is touching the things of the altar,who is the cornerstone christ,not casers things,Gods,ok 1cor12;28 apostles must be first in the church,why eph2;20 says what it does,because it confirms what is in 2jn1;9,and by this you know that the highpriest jesus our lord,is causing us to abide within the framework of his covernant,and not moses,mal3;10 is old precept,and no longer valid,why christ sacrifice now as highpriest through the works of regeneration,salvation for the soul at last,the seal of the spirit.

  11. Kenneth says:

    Since tithing under the law of Moses is only types and shadows of Christ; would this mean that those who twist the shadow of the Christ to be about monetary systems of today are guilty of sin? Paul rebuked the Galatians over circumcision because the spiritual truth was that circumcision foreshadowed the work of God in the saints regeneration. There are several places in the old testament discussing tithes. Num 18 God tells the Levites that He is their inheritance, He then gives commandments concerning tithes.  If God says in the OT that something (in this case the tithe offered as a heave offering) is representative of Him; should we not conclude that these oblations are shadows of Christ? The tithe, sin, peace, burnt and all other sacrifices were shadows that pointed to the reality that came in Christ Jesus. 


  12. destiny says:

    I wish people would stop taking the Bible out of context. The Bible is clear about WHO was supposed to tithe and WHY. The Jews were supposed to tithe to provide for the tribe of Levi, because they were not receiving the same heritance that all the other tribes were. They were set apart as priests and God wanted to make sure they were provided for. Malachi talks of those same priests who didn’t tithe back what the Lord had commanded them to so God threaten to curse them. The law of tithes is very specific and direct and in no way applies to Christians. In Corinthians Paul gave CLEAR instructions on how to give, freely, generously, NOT OUT OF OBLIGATION, and to give an amount that was purposed in their OWN heart. Giving today in the church is to provide for the needs of the saints and freely given as determined by each individual. This is the opposite of tithes and I don’t know how Christians could honestly apply tithes to Christians without completely ignoring Corinthians and lying on God and the Bible.

  13. mark davis says:

    i wouldnt tithe into a ministry,that does not first apostles there why?(1cor12;28)thats what Gods will is for if it wasnt(1cor12;28)wouldnt say what it does,let me put it to the viewers another way,was christ talking to a book or his apostles when comissioning them to preach the gospal to all nations baptising them in the name of the father the son and the holyghost(stmatt28;19-20)as you can see in verse 20 if you look it up you will see that the lord jesus did not leave right away why?because what he commanded them to teach to others they had not observed yet evidence>acts1;1-5.as you can see a 40 day period took place before he went to heaven and was seen by his apostles being taken up in a cloud why,because it is by that teaching which the bible does not teach directly,speaks of yes but that is all it does(therefore teaches not)tell me then because it is that way,dont you think that the bible in the hands of a false teacher,and prophet can used to manipulate people into thinking they are saved by the grace of God when actually it is no more then a spoon fed lie that is actually not,2jn1;/9 says that a doctrine exists,and if you believe not in it,you are transgressor but does not teach us what it is,yes one can start playing a guessing game and say,it must be the bible what else is there that can rival it,this is why you will hear jehovah witnesses say things like the bible is the final authority and that is where it begins and ends,wrong goverment is(isa9;/6)says it will be on the shoulders of christ,not his own text?(lol)yes again eph2;/20 says that a foundation that belongs to the apostles,exists but does not teach what it is,yes there is one but the question is what is it,you see the bible only probes or motivates a person to ask questions more and more why,the evidence that one needs is simply not there why again st peter was nailed to the cross,paul beheaded plus this is now the 21 st century that we are all in,plus like i said the bible only makes one requestion about what one is reading,please do not get overconfident about the promise made in acts2;/38 if you have the spirit in you why?because that exprience took place because of what happened after the 40 day period not because of what the new covernant commandment says,which is to grow in the grace and knowledge of jesuschrist our lord,again question-where does it say again in paul and thelca1;/3(google that one its not in the kjv version)that the doctrine after gods well beloved son is in the teaching of that bible version(the lost books version)yes again as you can see it tells you what it does and does not at the same time teach,why 1cor12;/28-the apostles must be first in the church again because of the doctrine of christ which is the foundation teaching for faith,okay last one,romans 8;/2 does not teach us how to obey the law which is in christ and iit only tells us that there is one,but again does not tell us what it is,therefore apostles(law givers teachers)must be present in order for the bible to be taught correctly,one that has Gods intrest at heart because of his grace given to them why would he extend his grace to those that do not have that foundational truth even if they do have the bible in there posession,that would make God what exactly(irresponsable right).

    yes anyway(s8w.com)have the evidence(come into covernant today through them.


  14. mark davis says:


    Why is it dangerous to not believe in the 12 elements of the gospal teaching?

    because if one does not,then that leaves room for a another teaching what is foundational to to rule over your faith(therefore you)this is called the works of iniquity,do not use your speaking in tongues exprience as a excuse so you can reject the real teaching of eph2;20,for if you do,it is sin you are in,and the kind that has no remission for it(stmatt7;21-23)God will hold responsible on judgement day anyone who rejects this teaching,why rejecting it makes a way again for the very same person to receive there education from those that teach contrary to what real apostles and real prophets do.

    the doctrine of christ-the 12 elements of the gospal.

  15. mark davis says:


    when a man presents himself before the altar of God he does so also the chiefcornerstone to(jesuschrist)


  16. First, I want to say “thank you” for this article and your honest words. It is hard to find honesty within the church today, something I value far more than a haughty head that boasts on how much tithing has worked for them and that people that don’t do it will be damned. (To those folks my question would be, “what about all the other old testament rules?”) So thanks!

    Second, I want to say that there have been many times that I have tithed and gone further into debt or got a negative bank balance, believing that if I just pay this tithe God will surely deliver me somehow, only to find there was no good Samaritan waiting to bless me on the other end. But after many attempts like this, I believe, like you said, that God truly would have been more pleased had I paid my debt (money that wasn’t mine anyway), instead of giving to the church just so they could purchase a new $200,000 sound system (this is just a real world example of how money has been used at my church – I know b/c my husband works there and is the sound tech). Still I was operating on the mindset that if I do this, God will do that…works based.

    While my faith in church pastoral leadership and clergy has wained due to misrepresentations of the word, my faith in God, despite not be “blessed”, has not. There have been times when I paid my debts and didn’t have anything else to give, or I only had a couple of dollars to give, and I needed or just wanted something and I brought my heart to God in honesty and asked for what I wanted and his will be done in faith, and my prayer was received and answered immediately.

    Because of these many occasions of family, friends or even random people acting on a “feeling” or “word” from God, I have come to believe that it is better to settle our debts first, to make a good name for ourselves and the God we represent, than give what doesn’t rightfully belong to us to the church as a tithe. And yes, we can give in other ways besides money. After all, didn’t Abel give his lamb? That was not money, it was something he tended to in his job. Also, in the New Testament when the elderly lady only gives a small amount and is ridiculed by the elders, Jesus makes a statement that will forever stick with me…she gave all that she had….he doesn’t say she gave 10 percent or any percent or that she gave before she paid her bills but instead that she gave all that she could. This is profound.

    As an artist, maybe I can give a beautiful painting of a scene I believe to be divinely inspired. I can donate it or share it will people who will be blessed by it. I’ve donated several pieces to auctions benefitting missions and find it blesses many people in return. The key is acting on what you know God spirit has prompted you to do. That may not always be giving to an organization that may be using the funds in a not-so-biblical way. So be aware and mindful.

    Thirdly, maybe the blessing of the cup running over isn’t just for us to receive but instead something to be shared. For instance in the above statement of my donation blessing others. This is an overflow, b/c the gift I gave didn’t just bless me but it blessed many (the loaves and fishes). I’ve always struggled with finances. I’ve seen my parents struggle as well. My mom was always a faithful giver and volunteered more hours to the church than anyone I knew. If there is a blessing in heaven for what she’s done, she will have a mansion unlike any other. But still her money troubles were present.

    That aspect was always difficult for me to reconcile. It caused me as a teen and young adult to question God and his faithfulness to his children and his existence at all. For years I stayed out of church and explored many other religions due to this and other unfortunate things that happened to me in the church.

    But I do believe b/c my mom instilled those words to me as a child that I returned b/c I couldn’t stop believing and so I started reading the word more and finding that grace covers so much more than we could ever imagine. That we shouldn’t judge others b/c of their social class, monetary value or even prison sentence. That anyone, anyone, who believes will be received. That verse doesn’t say, you will be received b/c you tithed, it says b/c we believe. There’s a lot that comes after belief, yes, b/c we change inside, but change is the aftereffect, belief (faith exercised) is the catalyst and the way to salvation and yeast to make the blessing rise.

  17. Robbie says:

    I tried it both. I started out as a tither and giver. And when I heard that it wasn’t biblical to tithe. I stop. Well, going into the second week, I felt like I had holes in my pocket because things was tearing up on me and I had to dish out money. So what did I do, I started back giving tithes and offerings. It just like when your grandparents tilled their fields to start a garden. How do vegetables and fruits grow? It starts with a seed or seeds. If you need finances, then you will have to plant a seed. I found out very quickly that when you sow, you reap. So, tithing is up to the individual.

    • markdavis says:

      Robbie,tithing yes is a biblical term given,in the old testament,but where does it say in the new testament that you must give 10%of your income in order to receive a blessing from God.

      false prophets who live of this blessing do so,because they know that because of baptism of water and the gift of the spirit(tongues)that if you have this exprience with God because of them that you will not question them about mal 3;10.

      this is why they do what they do,plus they use the 50 fold blessing and 100%blessing if you give more as a prophecy to asure you that good will bless if you give more,truth is,if you tithe 10%of your income and nothing happens concerning blessing you have to question it this way.

      1)is God testing you,in order for you to give more

      2)or is tithing 10% not a covernant requirement anymore because we have entered into a new covernant with God(the second covernant)


      romans 8;2,does it tell you to obey mal 3;10 y/n

      answer no

      why,because in romans 8;2 no where does it say this,also does romans 8;2 say that the old testament itself or moses law is that law?


      neither does it say this neither does it say what they law of the spirit of life which is in christjesus is.

      therefore does God command anyone to pay 10%of your earnings/income to anyone.


      and they laid all that they had before(100%)before the feet of the apostles,says this in the bible nt right.

      acts 4;35

      are preachers,preaching to people this today yes or no

      or are they using there teachings in the way they are

      look what they are doing

      exodus 20;7 dont use my name in vain


      stmatt 7;21-23

      lord did we not in your name,make prophecy name,cast out devils etcetc

      and i will say unto them,depart from me i never knew you.

      jesus rebuking false prophets,they took and used his name in vain

      in the name of jesus recieve a blessing etcetc.

      this is what they do right.

      has anyone ever explained to you,what the law of the spirit of life is.

      no,because only as apostle can do this?


      this is why they are given to the church.


      the prophets foundation is the apostles foundation to

      thats why they are given to the church,because it is the apostles doctrine.

      grace faith rightuesness justification santification holiness peace rest charity truth regeneration renewing of the mind

      12 gospel elements make up the law of the spirit of life.

      truth manifest and revealed.

      how can a man present something before a altar he has not even built yet.

      called to be kings and priests unto God.

      the revealation of that altar is what allows you to build upon there revealation why there foundation is the revealation of that altar.

      the first apostles who wrote the bible was known as the first 8th week apostles of the lamb.

      now you have the second8th apostles of the lamb.



      the 12 elements of the gospel teaching

      if you do not believe in this teaching then you must question this
      am i obeying the law of sin and death if i tithe 10%without instruction of knowing how to tithe because of what romans 8;2 does not explain.

      the law of the spirit of life.


    • Sharonda Thomas says:

      Thank you Robbie. Your comment blessed me. I searched for tithing and broke and this article came up. I too was tithing here and there last year, and boy could I feel it. I started back tithing constantly this year and things have been a little better for me. I’m struggle because there are things I have prayed and asked for and yet to see. I can’t afford not to tithe, but I’m wondering what’s going on.

      • robbie says:

        Sharonda, I can tell you this: I was also struggling while giving tithes and offering. I believe sowing and reaping. If you need money, you sow money. Just like if you need love, you sow love. But this one thing that I found out. You have to be careful of what ground you sow your seed in. If the church you are attending and you are giving your tithes and offering and it seems like you are going backward, there are at least two things that are going on. Either you are not with your tribes, or the ground you are sowing in is not productive. When I say tribes, sometimes you can be in a church that God is either through with you there, or that is not the place you are suppose to be. And when I mention the ground not being productive, there is something going on with the leader of that church that in the church. I am a Prophetess and whenever I give my tithes in a church, God will show me things about the leader. The leader of that church has to be in right standing with God. Because they can cause the congregation to mess up their financing by sowing seed into a ground that is cursed. I have done this and found myself going backwards instead of going forward.Just pray and seek God face about this situation. He will show you. God Bless You!

  18. robbie says:

    Sharonda, I can tell you this: I was also struggling while giving tithes and offering. I believe sowing and reaping. If you need money, you sow money. Just like if you need love, you sow love. But this one thing that I found out. You have to be careful of what ground you sow your seed in. If the church you are attending and you are giving your tithes and offering and it seems like you are going backward, there are at least two things that are going on. Either you are not with your tribes, or the ground you are sowing in is not productive. When I say tribes, sometimes you can be in a church that God is either through with you there, or that is not the place you are suppose to be. And when I mention the ground not being productive, there is something going on with the leader of that church that in the church. I am a Prophetess and whenever I give my tithes in a church, God will show me things about the leader. The leader of that church has to be in right standing with God. Because they can cause the congregation to mess up their financing by sowing seed into a ground that is cursed. I have done this and found myself going backwards instead of going forward.Just pray and seek God face about this situation. He will show you. God Bless You!

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