Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing

ignorant and clueless people

This list of ignorant statements about tithing are listed here because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to oblivious arguments. Every time i hear these statements i either roll my eyes to the back of my brain or i shake my head in disbelief about how shallow their brain must be. I know my mood seems uncaring and sarcastic, well, that’s probably because it is. Sorry, it’s been a rough couple weeks. So, onward we go into the barren, thoughtless, and ignorant statements about tithing.

  1. You don’t pray about tithing, you do it
    Who can recall the countless times i’ve come across this statement. This argument pretty much stems off the mentality, “God said it, and that settles it”. I could understand if we skipped the whole prayer thing if we were talking about murder, adultery, or stealing; but curiosity should arise when we realize that God is present, but i don’t need to pray because all i need to know is in this little black book. After all, it says “Holy” on the front, so it must answer all my questions.Who needs a God that is able to communicate? There are many other religions out there that pray to idols who can’t speak to them. For some reason, i don’t think God is made of wood or stone.
  2. Tithing acknowledges that God owns it All
    STOP! Think about that: Does giving 10% mean you are giving 100%? Notice how they always say that tithing “acknowledges”. They know it doesn’t bring fulfillment, or completion to stewardship. It’s because they know if we aren’t committed 100% to God, then 10% means nothing. It is very possible that many people have tithed without acknowledging that the other 90% belongs to Him as well.We’re in a bit of a quandary here. Is it tithing that acknowledges God owns it all, or it is a circumcised and sacrificial heart that acknowledges God owns it all. Which is it?
  3. Freewill givers do not give as much as tithers
    I am sure that is probably true, but truth is not based on success or results. Let’s take Islam for example. Right now, it is the fastest growing religion in the world, so does that make Islam right and Christianity wrong? I’m even sure many more Muslims are ready to die for their faith than Christians are.(shout out to Achmed the dead terrorist!)One of the reasons tithers follow through with their commitment to give more is because they place themselves under a storm cloud that will strike them with a curse if they disobey. Even though God directly says, “you are no longer under a curse”, tithers still think that God didn’t mean he removed the curse about tithing also.
  4. All scripture is profitable
    If i could define ignorance in one of these arguments listed here, well this is it. This is one of those responses i get when people think i’m just trying to throw out the whole Bible whenever i say that the tithe is no longer valid. Forget the fact that they don’t believe in the Sabbath on Saturday, animal sacrifices, or even clean meats for the same reasons i don’t believe in tithing.This is how it usually goes: I basically tell them that the tithe is no longer commanded, and they basically say, “How dare you throw out God’s Word”. Then comes either one of the two statements: ‘all scripture is profitable’ or ‘i did not come to abolish, but to fulfill’. Why should i even bother asking them why they don’t fulfill the sabbath?. . . sigh. . .
  5. God never Changes
    This kind of goes along with #4 . . . as in why should i even bother asking them why God changed the sabbath, or the priesthood, or the temple. Debating with people over these tithing arguments is like arguing over an algebra equation with a 5 year old when they don’t even understand multiplication. If tithers just stop and think about what they are saying, then they would soon realize that if God never changes in the way that they are implying, then we would still stone our children.This is what i mean when i said ‘thoughtless’ at the beginning of the blog. These tithing arguments are just that – thoughtless.
  6. Where does the Bible say to stop tithing
    It doesn’t say, “stop tithing“. I believe there are over 600 some-odd old testament laws that we do not practice anymore. I would imagine if God took the time to rewrite a verse in the new testament commanding us to stop each law in the Old Testament, then our bible would be a few hundred pages longer.We are born again, adopted in God’s family, indwelled with God’s Spirit, and given a new covenant. On top of all this, the earthly priesthood was eliminated, the temple destroyed, and Judaism is not my religion, nor am i an Israelite; and yet, we find it hard to believe that tithing could have been replaced by Spirit led giving?After all the changes, i think we need to find where the bible says to continue tithing. Don’t you?
  7. Tithing is the starting point
    This philosophy is not even in the bible. First of all, first fruit offerings were given prior to the tithe, so tithes were not even given first. Second, tithes were only given from food and animals, and were not given from occupational income. So, there was no starting point for blacksmiths, lawyers, doctors, or carpenters.Here’s a little saying, that i’ve thought of all by myself (as you can see i’m boasting)
    Where should our giving begin?
    Where should our giving end?
  8. Would you like God’s net or gross blessing?
    No, this is not necessarily an arguement used to defend tithing, but more or less used to persuade those who are tithing, to tithe more. First, this argument exposes the root of why tithing has such a hold on many lives. It is the promise of blessing and the fear of the curse. Who cares about gross or net blessing from God, you should want to do what’s right. Right is either right, and wrong is wrong. There is no gross right, or net wrong.The problem is that those, who are concerned if they should tithe on the gross, ask others who couldn’t give you a biblical answer. So the best thing to do is conjure up a catch phrase that seems to have wisdom embedded in it.
  9. How Much do you give?
    Ah yes, this question is their famous “gotcha” argument. They know that biblical reasoning will not win their argument so they resort to personal attacks because your character is all they have left to attack. I have to admit, this is a tricky one to respond to. First, they have no business investigating what you give. Second, if you happen to give less than a tithe of your income, they let you know, your works do not shine as bright as theirs. Last of all, if you do give above 10%, they will convince you that tithing is the minimum and your conscience knows it.This question is in the ignorant list because either they want to corner you; no, not on biblical truth, but on your performance; and also it is ignorant because anyone should know better than to determine scriptural truth based on the performance of mankind.
  10. We can’t rely on people to be Spirit-led
    This is an ignorant statement that tithers unfortunately believe, and yet ironically in the same sentence they believe the book of Acts is historically accurate. I don’t know, maybe they do believe the book of Acts was a fairy tale. What they are saying is that ‘i don’t trust that people can be Spirit led, but of course, the Christians in the book of Acts are the exception‘.With their ignorant statements, they don’t even realize that they deny the power that God has on his children.  They deny the blood of Christ, and they deny that any Christian can be sacrificial and liberal with their giving while being filled and led by the Spirit of God. What a shame, and what ignorance.
  11. How will the church stay open if we don’t tithe
    There are thousands of non-profit organizations that keep their doors open all year without demanding, or imposing a tithe of their freewill donors. What makes us think that an operation that is commissioned and overseen by God’s almighty hand would fare less than any of these non-profit organizations? Are you kidding me? is your faith that little? It might just be that you have seen your astronomical church budget, and it is in the millions! Yeah, you’re right, if there’s anything that God could struggle with is to continue paying for your worthless, under-performing, humanistic kingdom that does very little in out-reach but a lot of in-reach. In that case, you are right, we probably would see some church doors close. That’s the price you pay when God is in charge of financing his kingdom.

Now i’m looking for your input. But please, if you have anything to say, ignorance is not welcome.

Jared Bartholomew is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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87 comments on “Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing
  1. Sha'ul Dag says:

    CORRECTION. In the book of Acts, it speaks of Messianic Jews, and not Christians. The Apostles were Jewish. All Non-Jews (Which the Apostles were not), were Gentiles, who were grafted into the olive tree, but could never be Jews, but share the Salvation of Mashiach with the Jews. Christianity was created by Constantine the Great, many years after Yeshua was nailed to the tree. It’s origins were based in a combination of paganism, and a loose belief in Mashiach. To read the truth, go to this address.

  2. Sha’ul,
    when a bucket fulfills its purpose, it means that it is full and can no longer accept anymore water. The bucket is not useless, it is not gone, it is not destroyed. it is just fulfilled and cannot be used anymore for new purposes.

    The law is not destroyed, but We cannot use it because it is fulfilled. We cannot fulfill it anymore. Jesus fulfilled it. The law had a purpose just like a bucket did and Jesus filled it, leaving Christians no room to continue to use it apart from demonstrations.

    The law brought us to Christ. It cannot bring us to Christ again and again and again. Once it is used to bring us to Christ, then the bucket is fulfilled. You do not have the liberty to empty it and re-use it.

    – jared

  3. Sha'ul Dag says:

    Rory, YOU ARE WRONG!! With the death of Yeshua, we were redeemed of THE CURSE of the Law, and not the Law itself. To say the Law is irrelevant, is to say all of the Old Testament is no longer valid!! Yeshua came to fulfill the Law, and not to eradicate it!! When he was on this planet, he reinforced the Law, and introduced the New Covenant!!

  4. Sha'ul Dag says:


    When Yeshua was killed, he fulfilled the Law. The Law, is the word of G-d. Which means he fulfilled G-d’s word. Which means his promise, and prediction was fulfilled.

    De 18:22
    When a prophet speaks in the name of ADONAI, and the prediction does not come true -that is, the word is not fulfilled -then ADONAI did not speak that word. The prophet who said it spoke presumptuously; you have nothing to fear from him.

    Lu 24:44 –
    Yeshua said to them, “This is what I meant when I was still with you and told you that everything written about me in the Torah of Moshe, the Prophets and the Psalms had to be fulfilled.”

    Joh 18:32
    This was so that what Yeshua had said, about how he was going to die, might be fulfilled.

    Ac 1:16
    “Brothers, the Ruach HaKodesh spoke in advance through David about Y’hudah, and these words of the Tanakh had to be fulfilled. He was guide for those who arrested Yeshua –

    Ac 13:27
    For the people living in Yerushalayim and their leaders did not recognize who Yeshua was or understand the message of the Prophets read every Shabbat, so they fulfilled that message by condemning him.

    Ac 13:33
    he has fulfilled for us the children in raising up Yeshua, as indeed it is written in the second Psalm, ‘You are my Son; today I have become your Father.’

    Just 10 of the 613 Laws, are the 10 Commandments. To say the Law is irrelevant means we can lust, murder, steal, defy our parents, use the L-rd’s name in vain, lie, covet, and whatever pleases our flesh. This is a very dangerous mindset to have!!

    Colossians|2:14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was
    against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing
    it to his stake;

    Hebrews|4:8 For if Yeshua had given them rest, then would he not
    afterward have spoken of another day.

    Hebrews|4:9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of G-d.

    Hebrews|4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased
    from his own works, as G-d did from his.
    Hebrews|4:11 Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any
    man fall after the same example of unbelief.

    Revelation|22:13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the
    first and the last.
    Revelation|22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they
    may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into
    the city.
    Revelation|22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and
    whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh
    a lie.
    Revelation|22:16 I Yeshua have sent mine angel to testify unto you these
    things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the
    bright and morning star.

    Revelation|14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they
    that keep the commandments of G-d, and the faith of Yeshua.

    Why would we be rewarded for keeping the Commandments (The LAW), in Revelation, if the Law is no longer relevant??


  5. EnnisP says:

    Well said Sha’ul. The law is not the means of our righteousness but it is still the standard we follow.

    Steward, your bucket analogy fits with prophecies which point to specific one time events (never to be repeated) but it has no bearing on universal principles by which we live our lives.

    The death of Jesus was a “once for all” event which never needs redoing. But universal principles articulated in the law, which also existed before the law, have not been abrogated. As a Christian, I don’t obey these laws to become righteous, I obey them because I am.

    Obeying the law as a Christian is an expression of love and gratitude. Grace keeps me going when I fail it doesn’t override my sense of love for or my desire to honor the law. King David, BTW, said he loved God’s law. I never get that sense from your posts.

    And to keep this comment in line with the original post, giving and receiving is a universal principle. “Give and it shall be given to you,” according to Jesus is still valid and giving, like insurance, must be consistent, or it isn’t giving.

  6. Ennis,
    My ability to not wear clothing with 2 different types of materials(Leviticus 19:19) has nothing to do with prophecies.

    Add to that . . . not only own slaves as property but beat them as long as they don’t die. (Exodus 21:20,21) . . and also . . .

    rebellious children and adulterers shall be put to death (Leviticus 20:9,10)

    With all this said ennis, you don’t even follow all the laws of tithing. I’m sure, like most, you just give a tenth and ignore all the other laws that were in place with tithing.

    Put your money where your mouth is and follow the all the laws as a minimum standard like you say you should.

  7. EnnisP says:

    Two questions:
    Can you explain what underlying principles were being served by those laws and why they were used in the day but not now or do you just dismiss them as morally reprehensible?

    And how would you know what tithing laws I obey and which I don’t?

  8. there is no more Levitical tribe to tithe to. that’s how i know. you wouldn’t happen to have a Levite in your closet would you?

  9. Sha'ul Dag says:

    Steward, Leviticus 19:19 speaks of sickness spread through clothing. Tzara’at was an illness like Leprosy. It affected clothing, as well as human flesh. It also does not speak of wearing a wool shirt, and cotton pants. It states that Linen and Wool should not be combined into one garment because one was from animals, and one from plants.

    Leviticus (Vayikra) 13:47-59
    47 “When tzara’at infects an article of clothing, whether it be a woolen or a linen garment, 48 on the threads or the woven-in parts of either linen or wool, or on a hide or item made of leather; 49 then if the stain on the garment, hide, threads, woven-in parts or leather item is greenish or reddish, it is an infection of tzara’at and is to be shown to the cohen. 50 The cohen is to examine the stain and isolate the article that has the infection for seven days. 51 On the seventh day he is to examine the stain; if the stain has spread on the garment, threads, woven-in parts or leather, whatever its use, the infection is a contagious tzara’at; the garment is unclean. 52 He is to burn the garment, threads, woven-in parts of either wool or linen, or item of leather having the infection; for it is a contagious tzara’at; it must be burned up completely. 53 But if, when the cohen examines it, he sees that the infection has not spread on the garment or in the threads, woven-in parts or leather item, 54 then the cohen is to order that the article having the infection be washed and isolated for seven more days. 55 The cohen is to examine it after the stain has been washed, and if he sees that the stain has not changed color, then, even though the stain has not spread, it is unclean; you are to burn it up completely – it is rotten, no matter whether the spot is on the outside or on the inside. 56 If the cohen examines it and sees that the stain has faded after being washed, then he is to tear the stain out of the garment, leather, threads or woven-in parts. 57 If it appears again in the garment, threads, woven-in parts or leather item, it is contagious, and you are to burn up completely the article that had the stain. 58 But if the infection is gone from the garment, threads, woven-in parts or leather item that you washed, then it is to be washed a second time, and it will be clean. 59 This is the law concerning infections of tzara’at in a garment of wool or linen, or in the threads or the woven-in parts, or in any leather item – when to declare it clean and when to declare it unclean.

    Exodus 21:20,21, and Leviticus 20:9,10 are a breakdown of the ordinances, stemming from the 10 Commandments of that day and time. When Yeshua died, all of the ordinances were revoked, but the Law still remains intact to this day.

    As for tithing, Mal 3:10

    Bring the whole tenth into the storehouse, so that there will be food in my house, and put me to the test,” says ADONAI-Tzva’ot. “See if I won’t open for you the floodgates of heaven and pour out for you a blessing far beyond your needs.

    This is the ONLY TIME G-d says to put him to the test, and he asks for “The Whole Tenth”, or the WHOLE TITHE as our offering. I suggest you get into a Congregation that teaches the truth of the word, and not just pulling scripture out of context from the Bible, in order to meet their agenda. It will really be helpful for you to do so.



  10. Sha’ul Dag,
    What does sickness spreading through clothing in the OT have anything to do with making it a requirement for us today? Besides giving a lesson on fabrics, you have proven absolutely nothing about your point.

    What’s all this talk about the ordinances were revoked, but the law remains intact? I never said the law was destroyed.

    Uniqueness doesn’t make Malachi 3 binding. The ability to prove God’s promises is not exclusive to tithing either. in fact, Gideon tested God 3 times! You act as if tithing is our one and only chance to to prove that God actually keeps his promises.

  11. Sha'ul Dag says:

    I have proven you have taken the word of Adonai out of context, in order to meet your agenda.

    Your words were: “My ability to not wear clothing with 2 different types of materials(Leviticus 19:19) has nothing to do with prophecies.”

    I supplied you with the proper context. That scripture was speaking of Kosher clothing, and gave an example of what clothing is not Kosher. All Kosher Laws are for our protection, and health. Who would know better what is and what is not good for us other than the one who created it?? It has nothing to do with your ability to wear clothing, and who said anything about prophecy, and clothing besides you anyway???

    As for the Law, YOUR WORDS: “The law is not destroyed, but We cannot use it because it is fulfilled.”

    If something CANNOT BE USED, it has to have been rendered useless, therefore destroyed!! You have contradicted yourself.

    Malachi 3, is not for US to prove Hashem’s promises, but for HIM to prove them to us through our faith. This is the ONLY PLACE IN THE WHOLE BIBLE he says for us to put HIM to the test!!

    Elohim never told Gid’on to put him to the test, Gid’on did so of his own accord!! I suggest you study harder, and leave things IN CONTEXT. You won’t appear as such a fool in the future.


  12. Shaul,
    What?! Are you telling me that a law is required because i need to be protected from animal diseases? Are you kidding me? Is my wife unclean for 7 days while she’s menstruating as well? (leviticus 19) Am i unclean for 7 days if i touch her?

    Look, i never argued about the health benefits or wisdom of these laws, but just because obeying a law is a healthier process, does not mean now it is required.

    if i say, ‘useless’ that doesn’t mean i really meant ‘destroyed’. I’m not the one who stated, “What purpose then does the law serve? It was added because of transgressions, till the Seed should come to whom the promise was made”

    So, what purpose does the law serve if it was added “UNTIL” the Seed should come? “The law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after faith has come, we are NO LONGER under a tutor.”(Gal. 3:19).

    Once again, uniqueness in Malachi 3 doesn’t make the tithe universally binding. And since you emphasize “CONTEXT” let’s leave out the word “US”. God’s instructions were directed to the Israelites in Malachi 3, not “Us”.

    On another note, don’t go on this blog and start giving G-d proper names and respect, and then go and call his child a “fool”. For some reason, as a parent myself, i wouldn’t take too kindly if i heard someone say that to my son. And i would consider it hypocritical to respect my name but not my creation. On top of that, what did you accomplish anyway? All i ask for on this blog is maturity and civil respect. Unless you believe that the law against sowing discourse is destroyed, then i suggest you leave the name calling out of this blog.

  13. Sha'ul Dag says:

    LOL, You would have relations with a woman who is menstruating??? Tell me how long a woman’s period lasts?!?!? HMMMMM, ONE WEEK. Therefore, she is unclean, and if you have sexual relations with her, you too are unclean for that time.

    When Yeshua was hung from the stake, the Law was not repealed, but it was written upon the hearts of those who are his true believers to follow. When the curse was lifted, there was no longer punishment for not following the Law, because Yeshua took that curse upon himself.

    I was simply explaining the reasons for the Laws, when specific things were brought up about it. I find it amazing that so many people pick and choose what THEY WANT to follow from G-d’s word, and discard all of the rest, because it doesn’t fit their own agenda’s.

    Now, seeing the fact that I use G-d proper names, it shows I am by no mistake, a Jew. Because No christians do this!! Which by your post here, I sense a very slight tinge of anti Semitism. That’s OK though, because I am used to it.

    When you celebrate your Halloween, and put on your little scary masks, and worship Hasatan for a night, whatever mask you wear, produces an “Image”, or “appearance” of something other than what is behind the mask. So, if you wear a mask of a fool, or produce the image of a fool, YOU APPEAR AS A FOOL.

    Does this mean you are a fool?? Probably not. When someone says something foolish, does this make them appear brilliant?? NO, They appear as a FOOL!! With this said, where did I come out and call someone a fool?? When did I use the words: “You Are A Fool”??? There was no name calling here, and you know this.

    If this was such a big issue for you anyway, LOOK AT THE NAME OF THIS BLOG!! “Top Ignorant Statements About Tithing.” How dare you call G-d’s children IGNORANT?? Furthermore, if your kid acted like a fool, and you took offense at the fact that someone stated the obvious, I feel sorry for that child when they get into the real world!!

    I seriously will pray for you to find Ruach HaKodesh, and to become HaMishpucha Elohim.

  14. “I sense a very slight tinge of anti Semitism. That’s OK though, because I am used to it.”


  15. Sha'ul Dag says:

    HMMMM, Mockery…… reinforces the observation ten fold.

  16. LOL! Your persistence reinforces the entertainment value of your accusations ten-fold.

  17. Sha'ul Dag says:

    Looks like this forum won’t post Hebrew, it all comes up with question marks, and periods. Anyway, I refuse to let the devourer influence me with those who walk in the flesh. I seriously will pray for you!!


  18. Thanks for stopping by Shaul

  19. Hector Santos says:

    This information has truly been liberating to my life. Not because I’ve realized that I don’t HAVE to tithe, but because I am now empowered with truth. I’ve been studying the biblical tithe in depth for the past year, and aside from feeling liberated, I am deeply saddened. Not only for those who have not yet learned the truth, but because of the great need and hunger that exists for a lot of our brethren. This is unnecessary. If our churches are “requiring” a tithe, then at the very least, let’s take care of our poor and hungry.

  20. Hector,
    Thanks for your comment. I know exactly what you are experiencing and feeling right now.

    – jared

  21. Freewillgiver says:

    Hector merry Christmas! I was once where you were. Back then I was often telling others to give 10% to their Christian leader’s ministries. Now I believe that I am a priest and all Christians are priest in Jesus. Believing in 10% money income tithes brings with it a responsibility to teach others 10% money income tithes. A believer in Christ who believes this will begin to feel that there are those who receive the money tithes the leaders and those who give the money tithes the non leaders. This is a huge inequality and it leads to less love in my opinion. A Christian leader becomes a kind tax collector. The opposite should be true. The Christian leaders should be giving and sacrificing the most time talent and treasure like Jesus. The Church is not a place you are the Church along with every believer priest.

    Please discover a present from Jesus, your real responsibilities with money time and your talents. You are a priest in Jesus so discover your ministries in Jesus and use your money to help the poor and the lost. That may involve paying off debts or going to College or giving to the poor right away. Give what Jesus wants you to give and please tell others of this new freedom. At first disbelieving in the Christian money tithe system brings relief. But then one becomes shocked that so many Christian leaders have obligated other Christians to provide for their ministries. In a gentle way you should tell others to be free.

    Also one begins to discover that Jesus wants you to be responsible with all of your money and ministries. What is so sad is that the money tithe to the local group of fellowshipping believer’s doctrine destroys the concept of Christian priesthood. It also affects the ministries that all Christians have been given which are different for each Christian. Jesus wants so many to give to the poor before giving to their local fellowship. Jesus wants many people to give to missionaries or to get Christian counseling when their marriages are in trouble before giving to their local fellowships.

    Christians who believe in Church tithing have lesser views of Christian giving when it is not going to a Church. Giving to the poor with a money tithe belief system is secondary and a little less holy. If a Christian was given a choice in many of our American fellowships called churches, they would give to their local fellowship first and then send their kids to Christian school or give to their own families that might be in financial trouble. In reality Jesus gives us all of our money to give wherever the spirit leads. Jesus many tell you to do things with your money that others do not understand. Go give to the poor, send your kids to Christian school or give to missionaries or buy presents for you family in the name of Jesus. But spend all of your money in the name of Jesus.

    Christ in us Merry Christmas Hector

  22. I recently resigned from tithing after 30 years. It has been a tough journey for me. I had been giving grudgling for my entire christain life until I discovered the truch about tithing. I wrote a resigination letter in hopes that others would be able to use my letter to help them resign also. See the link.

  23. Freewillgiver says:

    Dr. Chase has a change in your tithe beliefs affected your attitudes towards Jesus and your beliefs on how believers in Jesus should look at Christian leadership? I believe that the best Christian priest leaders are those who suffer the most for Jesus. The least entitled priest are the true leaders. All Christians are priest but very few priest are real pastors. Our pay and entitlements weaken most folks called Christian leaders in America. The missionaries and persecuted Christians are the ones who we should all look up to they are the most like Jesus. I want to get rid of my entitlements so it is hard to look up to people who so strongly believe in their entitlements. We are all priest in Jesus but our current system slows our ministries down. I am not against Christians getting paid but I am against spiritual money entitlements for Christians. That is what money tithe system becomes and entitlement system. Is it what Jesus wants?

    Have you begun to understand how the money tithe system promotes super entitled leaders amongst followers of Jesus and how money tithe system believers have reflexive reactions like Union system members to the Idea that tithes are unnecessary and counter productive. Most government Union members think that they are underpaid and over worked. They think the idea of breaking up government unions is stealing. High paid professionals are best in their opinions. Many professional Christian leaders feel and act the same. However their jobs have excellent benefits. If their pay was cut in half hundreds of thousands of people would line up to replace their jobs.

    The best persecuted Missionaries are the opposite. Buildings and Bible colledge degrees do not make priest of Jesus Pastors. Jesus makes pastors through loss and suffering like what many missionaries face. Few people would want their jobs if you doubled the pay. There is less worldly glory and benefits. They cannot be easily replaced. The opposite of Kings and politicians is what I think the Bible teaches as Jesus leadership. Who disagrees that the best are those who suffer the most? I am not a self sacrificing person who is unafraid yet but I want to let go of my selfishness. I respect the true Christian leaders and they are my pastors. Most people called pastors in the U.S. only have titles mainly man made in my opinion. I don’t know if Jesus considers them pastors they may be nice people but they are entitled in my opinion. It is very hard for me to listen to anyone who claims that I must give 10% to their ministry to help my priestly ministry.The greatest Sheppard’s for Jesus teach the sheep young believers to loose the most entitlements by example and words. Go be a priest in Jesus and teach others to do the same friend.
    Christ in Us.

  24. Crystal Whitfield says:

    This article is the ABSOLUTE BOMB. It just busses out the FALSE TEACHINGS that have infiltrated the body of CHRIST.

  25. Freewillgiver says:

    Crystal Yes Yes Yes praise Jesus! All of us generate false teaching and actions and traditions your post have been insightful. Crystal thank you for expressing your praise to Jesus in your post. The goal is to see more of Jesus living in us. I have the same reaction all the time after discovering things daily about my self and my holy traditons are mearly traditions of men. Church Tithing is one tradition which often leads away from understanding the full grace, in the person of Jesus. Yes, Christ in Us is the goal thank you.

  26. rcabledude says:

    When you are taxed by the government, you are already giving a tithe to help in programs that help the poor and other agencies. Even an atheist is tithing which is to me the greatest thing that they have to do. You give to the church what you can without hurting your family or paying necessary bills. Your time, talents, and treasure are all a part of giving, and our Lord has only one requirement to eternal life! Pay it forward as much as you can, and find the lost souls with your actions and not pushing people away. A simple invitation is easy, and then your church family will show the love and fellowship that will develope into a relationship with Jesus. We have too many denominations that have given the impression of they are right, and everyone else is wrong, but The Holy Bble is the manual of where is the truth. God bless everyone into a body of Christ where you will grow with The Holy Spirit, and find the love of God!

  27. wes says:

    Greetings believeers, oh how those Judaizers love to correct us gentiles with their expert knowledge of Old Testament! Two quick things too say: Shame on us who believe what we’re told, especially you, pastors! Paul was to minister to the gentiles and never spoke of tithing, in fact Acts 15, as it seemed good to the HOLY SPIRIT and the apostles not to place a yoke on us disicples with the old system save that of idol offeeed meats, blood and unchastity. If my pastor can teach tithing what other burden might he slip in? Funny ain’t it thet yank the command to keep the Sabbath Holy and replace it with a civil law! Praise GOD, we have been set free! Burns me up to see how they want to put us under law must have been something retained from the Catholic so called church at the time of reformation? Come let us worship THE MOST HIGH GOD and our MASTER JESUS CHRIST!?

  28. wes says:

    In spirit and truth! Not forms and rituals but with a life lived in honor of our Loving Imaginer, Creator Redeemer, Sustaining and Glorious FATHER!!!

  29. Garth says:

    Jared. Please show me herein: ONLY WITH BIBLE SCRIPTURE. Where God changed 7th day Sabbath to Constantine instituted day of the sun:Sunday.

  30. Garth says:

    Jared. Asked to get your opinion. Many churches preach God ordained change including RC, latter admit changing 7th day Sabbath to Sunday.However the only week day Commanded by God to be observed weekly is the 7th day; no command from God exists for Sunday worship/weekly observance requirement…
    Christmas/Xmas: this religious festival of the Saturnalia entered the RCchurch from paganism, about 300 years after Christ’s death. It isn’t commanded to be kept, opposite actually: Jer.10:2-6. “Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen…The customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree from the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. They deck it with silver/gold; fasten it with nails and hammers, that it move not.” Latter: perfect description of the Christmas tree…Google origins of Christmas/Xmas and or checking;Catholic Encyclopedia, 1911 ed, heading “Christmas.” Christmas, not under earliest festivals of the Church…first evidence is from Egypt.”…
    Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1946 ed. “Christmas [the Mass of Christ] …Not among earliest festivals of the Church…Not Christ or apostles’ instituted nor by Bible authority. It was picked up afterwards from paganism… Peruse Encyclopedia Americana Christmas/Xmas: established during 4th century of pagan origin + ENFORCED by the Roman Church during 5th century as an official Christian festival.
    Question. Why do Christian Churches observe Christmas/Xmas at all when no Biblical instruction/requirement thereto exists?

    • You and i disagree with fundamentals on this issue. I believe a pagan is defiled by what he is, not by what he does. A pagan takes what God has already given as pure and defiles it’s purpose. He takes stone, and wood and carves idols to worship. He takes sex and distorts it to the point that it’s a symbol of debauchery and lasciviousness for the world. I don’t need an encyclopedia or history book to verify my personal traditions were not first defiled by a pagan. Sorry. i don’t believe that i need to know the origins of every tradition before i perform them.

      To be honest with you, i don’t care what day of the week i have a ceremonial, worship time. IMO, i don’t believe God does either. I am his child – He is my father. The Church is his bride – He is the groom. If your intimacy with your wife mirrored the same mechanical intimacy you’ve had with God, then i feel for your spouse.

      You state that God commanded us to observe the Sabbath only on Saturday. First, when did God command us (the Chruch or any Gentiles) to observe the Sabbath on Saturday? Please show me herein: ONLY WITH BIBLE SCRIPTURE. Where did he command a single day devoted to worship for one day. Is worship to God different on one day as opposed to every day? Do we dishonor the Sabbath, if on friday we rest a little more and worship God a little more than we did on Saturday? What if i prayed 5 minutes longer on Friday than i did on Saturday. What if my son has a tumor being removed on Saturday, so i worship God instead on Thursday? Or maybe i should ask my fellowship to bring the choir, the pulpit, the pews, and the offering plate to the hospital on Saturday, so i don’t experience God’s displeasure.

      My wife is a nurse who takes care of cancer patients and works on Saturdays. i guess, they can just monitor their heart, take their chemotherapy on their own because the Sabbath is Holy. If i can never take God’s name in vain then under what circumstances can i neglect the Sabbath?

      You put God in a box. and what frustrates me even more is that you let pagans define the box that God is in. God isn’t in the ornament on the Christmas tree. I spend those precious, intimate moments with my children and decorate a tree with lots and lots of ornaments and lots and lots of evil lights. Yep, and then we read the story of the birth of the devil and then we sing songs to the devil and have a seance after.

      Satan has claimed hold of all of God’s nature. There isn’t ANYTHING of God that Satan hasn’t defiled. Satan would be really bad at being bad if he didn’t defile it all.He’s defiled the translations of the bible. He’s defiled Church worship. He’s defiled denominations. He’s defiled the icons of Christianity. He’s defiled all of it. I can’t think of anything that Satan has NOT left his mark on.

      Do I need biblical instruction to permit celebration of Christ’s birth or his death? What kind of Christian life is one that is shackled down by the omissions of God’s speech. If i wanted to celebrate God healing the deaf people by having a praying party with a bunch of deaf people, then so be it. If i wanted to celebrate Christs commission of ministry, his death, burial, resurrection and his ascension at different times of the year, then why would i be concerned about omissions of these practices?

      I really feel sad for those who reason and think the way you do. I’m not trying to bash you or ridicule you. I just speak my mind. It aches me to see believers consumed with these trivial matters. The Talmud consumed the Pharisees because the Pharisaical laws were based upon the omissions, and reading between the lines.

      I attend a small group and in my group, there’s a man about 37. His name is James. He used to be a satanist and into drugs and crime until about 7 years ago he was hit by a car. He was in the hospital for 2 years. Was in a coma for 6 months. He probably has the mind of a 10 year old. To be honest, i’m actually jealous of this man. His view of God is so simple. The details about tithing, Sabbath, predestination, worship theories mean nothing to him. The other day, he said to me, ‘the day i got hit by a car is the day that my life was saved’.

      I look at this guy, who is very simple minded, who has a hard time walking, has a huge scar on his head, can’t move his hands, but always has a smile and loves God like a child does. And i think, does God care about what day i worship? Does he care about my 10.00% + a little extra? Does he care about what translation i’m holding, or whether i know about hermaneutics, exegesis, esegesis, and all the other stupid theological categories we try to box the living breathing Word into? Does God care about that tree with lights on it? Does he care that i worshiped his sons birthday? Does he look at James and smile but has reservations in his mind because God wishes James worshiped him on Saturday?

      When i look at James, and the unconditional love of a child, i see God without all the rules we’ve conjured up and all the debates we’ve claimed worthy.

      I’m guilty of over-complicating just as much as anyone. But i say all that to say, ‘i don’t think God gives a hoot about worshiping on the sabbath’

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