5 Roadblocks to the Tithing Truth

5 Roadblocks to the Tithing Truth

Through the years of debating and writing about tithing, I’ve come across many people  that seem to be almost persuaded about the truth of tithing. But there’s always one or two things that hold them back. So what is it about tithing that neutralizes scriptural truth and keeps them from switching teams? These reasons could be roadblocks to accepting the truth from anything. Maybe you thought the color of the sky was actually red, until someone told you it was actually blue. What emotions did you experience that could have stopped you from believing the truth? Here are 5 reasons why it is so hard to let go of the tithing practice.

1. INSECURITY- Tithing comforts us with predictability, simplicity, and safety.

A frequent question many want to know is where would your church get money if there was no command to tithe? Would your lights be on? Would your heat be working? It’s hard for tithers to grasp the idea that the Church can survive without a mandated tax upon the people.

Tithing’s simplistic nature seems to be an impossible formula to miscalculate. I mean, how hard is it to figure out 10%? Tithing’s simplicity is a strong reason why many are hesitant to let go of its practice. As a side note, i don’t believe that tithing actually  is simple. Too many questions about tithing on the gross vs net, or tithing on retirement accounts, gift cards, bonuses, birthday presents . . .etc, etc, etc (you get the point).

Giving 10% seems to be a safe standard that consistently earns God’s favor (or so it seems). if you give at least a tithe, you should be safe right?  Many believe that the tithe puts a hedge of protection over them.

2. DOUBT – How could so many other Godly people be so wrong for so long?

Granted, that question is worthy of an explanation. First, if history has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t rely on precedence to determine how we should operate. Second, there are hundreds of denominations that all have a distinguished set of differences, which means that the majority of the Church is wrong about some of their practices.

Since most of us rely on church practices to dictate our beliefs, our faith lies in what  the church has practiced over the last couple of centuries, rather than relying on scripture.

3. FEAR- Fear of being wrong and fear from peer pressure

So many of our friends and family still tithe. Our  pastor tithes. All the deacons and elders tithe. All the ushers tithe. Even our Sunday school teacher tithes. What would everyone think if you told them you didn’t believe in tithing? I didn’t want anyone to think that I’m a backsliding Christian. It’s only human to not to want to be judged about your faith.

I struggled with being wrong about my stance for a long time. What if there’s something i was missing? What if i was totally wrong about tithing? I’m human, so more than likely i fouled up somewhere in my analysis. This is probably true, but there’s so many others out there that have got our backs.

4. IGNORANCE – They don’t know how to be anything else besides a tither

Their whole lives they’ve been tithers, so how do you change the stripes on a zebra? More than likely we have never experienced what true, new covenant giving should be like. We’ve been tamed and trained like a circus lion our whole lives, and we couldn’t operate in a jungle if our lives depended on it.

Once we stop tithing, we just stand there with our pants down, nibbling on our fingernails. So ultimately many of us just go back to tithing because we don’t know how to operate once we’re released in the jungle and given our spirit led freedom.

This is probably why many tithers believe that Spirit led giving is just like throwing darts at a board. They believe that Spirit led giving is just a guessing game that let’s you do whatever you please without consequence. This is just plain ignorance.

5. PRIDE – The truth hurts

I remember my very first response to when i first heard that tithing was not biblical for the Church. I immediately defended tithing and I defended those who taught me tithing. There’s just no way i could be wrong. At that moment, I felt I knew scripture like the back of my hand. I was definitely right, and the other person who questioned tithing was definitely wrong. So of course, with my pride at full steam, i scoured the scriptures to prove my adversary wrong.

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening, and my pride was hurt when i had to concede that i was wrong. I tell you that once i found the truth about tithing, i looked at what i knew with a whole different light. I had an open mind about anything i thought was truth. I began looking everything up in the bible. I never ever trusted my instinct again. I began to listen to theories other than my own. Luckily i actually studied scriptures rather than let pride take my stand for me.


How did i come up with this list of 5 roadbloacks to tithing? Well, these feelings are what i felt when i was contemplating the truth about tithing. I have had to come face to face with each of these emotions. I had to confront each one of them in order to fully believe the truth behind tithing.

What were/are your feelings when you were dealing with the truth about tithing? Have you felt anger, bitterness, disappointment, or anything else? Was there any other doctrine that you felt deceived about? What was your reaction to the truth then?

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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43 comments on “5 Roadblocks to the Tithing Truth
  1. Dave S says:

    Freewill, Spirit-led giving. Motivated by Love. Is best and proper.

    Tithing requirements tend to condemn. Those who “withhold” often suffer guilt. Simply terrible, and not holy.
    Tithing (pro tithing teachers)in our church today is the same as the teaching in Galatians Paul refers to when he addresses the circumcision requirement being laid on the believer.

    So many who want to destroy the beautiful gift of His grace with old covenant, inferior, nonsense. 

    OK, now I’ll just sit here and wait to be (falsely) accused of being cheap and coveting what is God’s . . .  

  2. Crystal says:

    That’s correct. They are just like the JUDAIZERS in Galatians (placing restrictions which are not mandatory) upon the people of GOD. How come the 4,000 and the 5,000 DIDN’T have to give 10% of their earnings or agriculture to CHRIST before he fed them those TWO times. The scriptures say that when they finished; there was A WHOLE lot more left over. If Malachi 3 meant what PASTORS teach it does then why wasn’t/isn’t (tithers) bank accounts overflowing with money? Just tell me that. Why? It seems that I’m in BETTER shape now then I was when I was tithing; eventhough I haven’t had a PERMANENT job in 4 years now. The LORD ALWAYS comes through. If something gets cut off; it gets cut back on in the same day. I mean, what’s going on here? HUH. Tell me……………… 

    • Al Sydney says:

      Hi Crystal,
      Thank God that you are receiving His Grace and a revelation of how freely He provides for christians. Christians and pastors talk about Gods grace but exclude him when it comes to money, It is an abomination to even try to earn his provision . Please continiue to live free from lies so that God will reveal his grace to you more and more . All these christians who promote tihting will never get it because Satan is a liar and a deceiver .
      They will say they tithe to help promote the kingdom but many tithe because they lust for money and suffer from unbelief.Many think they are honouring God but are afraid to find out who Paul cursed in Galatians 1:9
      Bless you.

  3. Dave S says:

    A favorite saying among many in my church (including the pastor) is “I can’t afford NOT to tithe.” Now seriously, this is nuts.

    Strange how they keep me around as a deacon even though they know my stance as a contra-tiher. 

    • Crystal says:

      Are you serious Dave S. I know they make these RIDICULOUS statements but, they actually keep you around when they know you don’t support this? WOW

      • Dave S says:

        Interestingly enough, yes, I’m still in leadership.

        Our church has gotten a pretty good hold of the grace message, but is steeped in 22 years of tradition.

        Change is happening slowly.

        When I was asked into leadership I accepted on condition of the church changing its traditional requirement that those in leadership refrain from alcohol use.

        I took issue with the policy and politely declined the offer to serve, but my head pastor said to wait a few weeks,

        Eventually I was called in and told that the traditional requirement had been eliminated as they concurred that it was not a biblical requirement to abstain.

        At the time I took the position I was a tither. Being called into leadership, however, I felt the need to dig even deeper into scripture; to rightly divide . . . .

        This led me to the realization that tithing is old covenant and not for the free believer saved by Grace.

        I think they keep me around because they see the fruit in my life that demonstrates that I live in Him.

        My pastor even mentioned that they have been looking at the whole issue of tithing.

        But tithing is a sacred cow, and I suspect that this is one practice that is not going away anytime soon.

        I wrestle with staying involved, but feel that I’ve brought some more light into a church that, while stuck in some erroneous tradition, might just, in fact, grow to be a truly Spirit led church in all areas, some day.


        • Musa says:

          This is a point where a good melody/record comes to a sudden screech in movies, coz someone just got off tune. Look what you’ve just done Dave, you’ve left your other siders with eggs on their faces. can’t u see just how lost you are? at first i was intrigued by your comments on tithe but i had to curse myself after reading this last comment of yours… Alcohol????? Lord have mercy! i wonder which “spirit” is gonna lead that church

  4. Dave S says:


    So sad to see that you’ve judged me to be lost. (Seriously). I did not say that leaders should be allowed to be drunkards. The issue of alcohol use is a hotly debated as tithing, to say the least. Just as I was led to the truth on tithing, my in depth study of scripture has led me to see the error in the legalistic nature of prohibition.

    I’m sorry that my “tune”  is not pleasant to your ears, but to suddenly grab your ball and go home over my stance makes me wonder how sincere you are about considering the possibility that there may be some truth in my position.

    I am saddened that our discourse has come down to your judgement of me as being lost. How can you possibly know this. This would tantamount to me stating that a donut lover is lost due to the gluttony exhibited in his or her excessive consumption of fat and sugar. The body is, after all, “the Temple.” And, indeed, this could be seen as a “stumbling block,” to the very many incredibly obese brothers and sisters under one’s leadership.

    The Bible is very clear on the requirements for Deacon. The elders in my church concur that I appear to have met each and every one. After much prayer and discussion the unanimous conclusion was that the abstinence requirement position of our church was not Biblical. (See Tim 3:8-13).

    I pray that this does not turn into a long debate on alcohol. My stance is quite firm as I’ve heard and considered every argument. Trust me. A very good, scholarly, book on the issue is Ken Gentry’s “God Gave Wine.” If you would consider an exploration into this with a possible read of this work, I’d consider that to be a very nice gesture on your part. At that point I would love to discuss it all with you.

    ps- please, Musa, do not ever curse yourself.

    Regards, in His name, Jesus, the Savior,


  5. Freewillgiver says:

    Dave S Thank you and Musa thank you for challenging because I feel you want Christians to avoid dangers. However friend Musa just as tithing debate is large it is true Dave S pointed out the drinking issue also divides many Christians. What has the Bible spoken? One side is more correct about drinking and tithes would you agree Musa and other friends? I went to a wine fellowship last night but I almost never drink wine or beer in my house mainly I drink while fellowshiping with other Christians.
    Wine tithes and fellwoship with Jesus?
    Thank you Dave, after reading your post a few weeks ago I did a bible study on wine to show to one of my Christian friends who objects to my fellowships regular use of wine in our gatherings. So many money tithe preachers also preach against wine using very few scriptures and then thousands get the impression the Bible is against wine plus we must give money to clergy. Jesus is a lot funner than most Clergy. The Bible 
    Is everyone familliar with these scriptures I wrote of please investigate to see if I am correct. Please check out the scripture Deuteronomy 14:26 to the end of the chapter, and ponder the freedom the Jews had with wine and strong drink and the freedom that Christians have.
    Jesus and Wine
    Jesus stated friends “it is not that which goes into a man that defiles him but that which comes out of a man that makes him sin’ including evil thoughts. Paul said do not let anyone judge you (as evil) due to what one drinks or eats. Musa friend do you not see that making additional rules on top of the Bible is the taste not touch not leaven of the Pharisees. Jesus came to the world eating and drinking but John the Baptist did not touch wine. Friends we know Jesus was greater than John was this accidental on the part of Jesus? Please friends examine the scriptures thoroughly before saying something is evil all the time. Musa and those who disagree please reply after researching the word on these issues.
    There is a time for everything that is not inherently sinful. In Proverbs 30 it states Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts.

    What do you think friends? In Deuteronomy 14:26 it states buy whatever your soul lusteth after including wine and strong drink. Isaiah stated come buy wine without a price and numerous scriptures state as a future blessing that the blessed will have wine. Numerous scriptures also state that not having wine is a curse. Yes the bible tells us to be on guard against the dangers of wine but most of the scriptures about wine are Jesus first miraculous telling anyone to forever avoid wine. The bible states that God who is one with Jesus gave man wine to make merry the hearts of men.
    Jesus 1st miracle = Wine fellowship
    Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine was this accidental? John 2 explained this might have happened after men had well drunk. People loved Jesus wine like the poor and the levites loved getting wine in Duteronomy 14 because wine often made good fellowship to praise the lord in the Bible. Jesus wine was better wine not grape-juice, according to the governor of the feast. Jesus stated nobody after tasting good wine wants the stuff that is worse. The Bible has enough commands to understand without making new man made rules for Christians. Please friends study to show yourselves approved. If anyone wants to challenge what I have written please do because I do not want to lead people astray however one side is more correct about drinking fellowship and money tithing. The Bible states Money is the root of all kinds of evil but money itself is not evil according to the word. Lusting for money tithes is a sin in my opinion Wine also can be used wrong as can just about everything in the world. Be not drunkards friends, but celebrating with wine is a normal Jewish and Christian activity.
    Christ in US. 

  6. Dave S says:

    @ Freewillgiver: nice post, and very much appreciated. You realize, of course, that someone will, no doubt, be quick to say “the wine referred to in the Bible was very weak, and not nearly as strong as today’s.” Now any research will quickly point to the fallacy of that old, tired, fallacy.” I’m actually dreading those inevitable arguments, and pray that commentators refrain from this supposition if they have not researched the topic. Just to, hopefully, put that argument to bed one need merely agree that the Bible warns against drunkenness. Obviously, people, this admonishment would not be necessary if the wine was weak.

    Anyway, thanks for moderating this, Freewillgiver. It’s so refreshing to find a forum that is regularly updated and kept relevant.

  7. Alisa says:

    hello every one look up TithingTruth.com and see what you think then ok enjoy reading

  8. jenesis says:

    Steward,thank and God bless you for unveiling the strange fire that was kindled by cyprian from north Africa that first enacted tithing into church and followed by seven-day adventist church that enacted even from produce to money and I pray that the veil on the faces of the many ignorant ones left behind should be removed as-well.

  9. Kimberly A Banks says:

    I think the overall point is that everything we have is by the GRACE of God. There are so many less fortunate. As believers we show our gratitude by sharing what God has given us with others by Faith (read: we trust Him with the outcome of what we give). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what percentage the ledger states; it’s the act of faith and trust in God with the resources He has provided.

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