Athletes & the Prosperity Gospel – 2

Athletes & the Prosperity Gospel – 2

This is more in-depth video on ESPN’s inquire into Athletes and Evangelists yesterday. I don’t think i could write another commentary on this vomit again after my blog post yesterday. I need some time to cool off my blood pressure.

One thing i want to point out about Randy White response about the prosperity gospel. When the interviewer asked him, “you can look those folks in the eye, and say, ‘your money, if you donate it to this church is not being misused'”. This question comes about 3/4 of the way through the video. Watch Randy’s eyes as he looks up and away to the left (his right). I am not a psychologist, or an expert on telling if someone is lying, but the general rule is, that if someone looks up and away to his right, then they are more than likely trying to visually fabricating the truth in their head.

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One comment on “Athletes & the Prosperity Gospel – 2
  1. Meg says:

    These so-called ‘teachers’ need to be ashamed of themselvies of taking advatence of these athletes by pimping them off to use of their fame. This is beyound sicking.

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