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Jack McConnell’s Generosity

My wife and i read a book together called, “Love as a Way of Life” by Gary Chapman. Here’s an excerpt in the chapter on “Generosity” that i’d like to share Dr. Jack McConnell grew up in “the last house

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Beyond Tithes & Offerings

I just finished the book, “Beyond Tithes & Offerings” by Mitchell T. & Michael L. Webb. Truthfully, i don’t know where to begin in my review of this book because i gained a lot from it. I guess i will

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The Law of Rewards – Randy Alcorn

I Just finished the book, “The Law of Rewards” by Randy Alcorn. I’ve been a quest over the past years to read all the major books, and authors out there that speak about tithing in a published book. I read

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Holy Smoke Whatever Happened to Tithing

I finished the book, “Holy Smoke: Whatever happened to Tithing?” by J. Clif Christopher and Herb Mather a few weeks ago. This book is pro-tithing but has somewhat of a unique perspective on it. Although it didn’t introduce any new

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Reimagining Church by Frank Viola

I didn’t intend to write a post because i’ve been taking a sabbatical to catch up on some things. But i just received the book, “Reimagining Church” by Frank Viola. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Frank Viola,

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