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Should the Church Teach Tithing

I’ve been meaning to write about “Should the Church Teach Tithing” for some time now, but havn’t gotten to it. It’s one of the very first books i’ve read about the tithing debate. The writer, Russell Earl Kelly has a

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Tithing – God’s Financial Plan

Tithing God's Financial Plan

I finished reading this book the other day called, “Tithing – God’s Financial Plan” by Norman Robertson. I just recently wrote about a book called, “This Bull Crap Called Tithing“, and truthfully this book by Norman Robertson should have been

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This Bull Crap Called Tithing

I just finished the book, “This Bull Crap Called Tithing” by Nick Arandes. He had an interesting perspective on the issue of stewardship, money, and tithing. Some of the excerpts on the back of his book say, “How to attract

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Giving by Bill Clinton

When the Church and its pastors can’t convince people to give, leave it up to pastor Bill. This is the new book by Bill Clinton entitled, “Giving”. It’s subtitle is, “How each of us can change the world”. You know

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Tithing by R.T. Kendall

I Just finished the book “Tithing”, by R.T. Kendall. Of course in this book is the same old arguments for tithing. But one thing that was improvement from this book to the book by larry burkett about tithing was that

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