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here are the most recent interesting news stories about stewardship, and tithing in the Church.

Pastor Complains about Tipping Waiter and Only Tithing to God

tip receipt

Update 1/31/12 7:37pm: Pastor gets waiter fired after he calls up the manager and complains about the posted receipt. The ‘pastor’ has been identified as ‘Alois Bell’ from (take a deep breath) ‘Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries Church’. According

Out with the Old in with the New

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Ok. The new and improved site is here. As you can see, the number one change is the new domain. This site used to be located at, but now here we are at The next largest change is

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$11 Million Christian Ponzi Scheme

Ephren Taylor

An ABC News story written by Steve Osunsami states that Ephren Taylor is being accused of $11 million Christian ponzi scheme by the SEC. Not surprisingly, he has had influence upon New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with Eddie Long, as well as

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Top Posts of 2011

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Here’s a tally of the most popular posts of 2011 The Annual $34 Billion Church Scandal Found this astounding but horrific article on a blog called “Christian Headlines Blog” that opens up the research on how religious organizations provide a

Surpirse! Church Pastors Keeping More for themselves

practice what you preach

The State Journal Register released a news article outlining research and giving statistics released  in October 2011 by Empty Tomb Inc. Here are some short points taken from SJR about the research below “Parishioners gave about 2.38 percent of their income

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