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Here are topics and issues that pertain directly to the operation of the Church.

History of Passing the Offering Plate

This is just a short blog post, but just wanted to point out an interesting article on on the history of passing the offering plate. Check it out here. The book Pagan Christianity has a good chapter on the

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Should Church Financial Budgets be Public?

magnifying glass over financial records

Do you believe that it’s wrong for churches not to publicly display how all the tithes and offerings were allocated throughout the year? Is there any scriptures in God’s word that support your reasoning? Why do you think some churches do

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Church Rethinks its Role

The quotes i am about to write in this blog almost don’t sound real. The original news article is found at You can see for yourself how the Church is way off track with what our mission is suppose

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Prosperity Gospel on Skid Row

An article from Christianity Today shows the recent developments of the prosperity false gospel teachers. Click on the link to read the whole article. • In Fort Worth, Texas, a review board ruled December 7 that Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ $3.6

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My Vote in 2008

voting box yes no

I voted for the Republican party. I know. I know. I make some enemies, and i gain some friends when i say that. I’m gonna tell you why i voted republican. First let’s hear the reasons that were NOT part

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