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Here are topics and issues that pertain directly to the operation of the Church.

The Greatest Gift

empty tomb

Just remember that the greatest gift ever given was given freely, cheerfully, and gracefully.

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A Comment on Prosperity Preachers

I had received this comment below on the article, “A Look At Prosperity Gospel – CBS News“. I was debating in my mind whether or not to approve the comment in that post, because it looked like someone just spamming

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What is Practical Theology?


I am not a scholar, nor am i a pastor. I don’t have a PhD nor do i have experience as a teacher.  I don’t know the “theological big word” definitions of hermeneutics, homiletics, or exegesis. I couldn’t even tell

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Introducing the TELEVANGOLY Board Game

First, Choose your Edition   Moyce Jeyer Edition Cope Kenland Edition Dreflo Collar Edition Henny Binn Edition (CLICK TO ENLARGE AND SEE DETAILS) Now, Choose your game pieces   Finally, Start Playing  (Click board to ENLARGE and see details) Official

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5 More Myths About Church Building Projects

church building genie bottle

Yesterday I presented the first 5 Myths About Church Building Projects, so today i continue with the final five myths that our pastoral leaders misuse in order to initiate an expensive building project. Myth #6. Our renovated and upgraded sanctuary

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