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Here are topics and issues that pertain directly to the operation of the Church.

Was Jesus Poor?

poor shoes

There’s much argument about this question – Was Jesus Poor? Of course he wasn’t poor, he was God and owned everything. But aside from that, when we look at his manhood on earth, I think there’s obvious examples in the

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Christian Financial Discernment

some putting money in box with cross

The church used to be the central place of local fellowship for the whole town. Most everyone spent their time around the church either to hear announced news, or to celebrate some sort of event. Much time, effort, and money

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Freely Receive, Freely Give

giving and receiving hearts

Mission organizations receive donations from around the world. People have freely given them donations, and it’s no wonder why they freely give back. Don’t you think it’s odd that organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army are the ones

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The Church Storehouse

church storehouse

Today our church building is typically interpreted as the Old Testament storehouse. If we look at the description of a storehouse, would a church really fit this description? Isn’t a storehouse called a storehouse, because it stores things? For instance,

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House Churches Put Pressure on Conventional Church Finances

A recent study by Barna, the leading Christian research and statistics organization, has found that “House Churches Are More Satisfying to Attenders Than Are Conventional Churches”. While on the other hand the satisfaction of conventional churches stagger. There are many

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