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5 Roadblocks to the Tithing Truth

Through the years of debating and writing about tithing, I’ve come across many people  that seem to be almost persuaded about the truth of tithing. But there’s always one or two things that hold them back. So what is it

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If Tithing Looks Like it & Acts Like It

You’ve heard this statement before – “if it looks like it, if it acts like it, then it is it”. This statement comes to mind when i think of those who have trouble categorizing tithing under Old Testament law. One

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Tithing Tactics

Need more tithers at your church? Here are some methods you can use to get more people to tithe. 1. Tithing chants kenneth copeland had this brainwashing method to have the Church chant a tithing creed. here it is below

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Tithing Before or After Taxes

I just received  a question in an email, “Should i tithe before or after taxes”. It’s a good question. Even though there are many other difficult questions in regards to tithing, many people have been confused for some time about

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10 Solid Arguments Against Tithing

tithing debate

Abraham gave 10% of the spoils of war while Israel was required to give less from the spoils of war. (Hebrews 7:4; Numbers 31:28-30) Of all the recorded events about giving in the New Testament Church, there is not a

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