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The Pharisees & Tithing

Is there a scripture that shows something that the pharisees practiced very well and religiously, such as circumcision, that was not actually abolished or condemned under the New Covenant? It just seems to me that tithing would be the only

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A Tithe Question for Leaders

I have just one question running through my head. What would require more faith for church budgets and finances? 1. Teach people to give 10% of their income . . .or. . . 2. Teach people to give what the

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Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Tithe

Remember the wall in Germany and the division between East Berlin and West Berlin? East Berlin was so prosperous, why? Because of their freedom. Along with their freedom they had more responsibility. That’s what I am trying to say with

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Politically Correct Messages are Finally Paying Off

left vs right

Out, are the controversial sermons, and the offensive gospel, and in, are the “one size fits all” challenges. Pastors are beginning to avoid controversial words such as “tithing“, and are using more generic terms, such as “offerings“, for doctrinal principles

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Where Does the Tithe Argument First Come into Play?

money in a baseball glove

Some feel that, according to God’s direction, 10% should be portioned off to the local church First, In the early NT all was taken from everyone and all was distributed to everyone. In other words, there is no mention of

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