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Wrong Reasons Believers Give To Your Church

money down the drain

Just came across a post found on written by Rick Warren titled, “8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church”. I found it by going to one of my frequently visited sites – In the article Warren gives 8 motivating

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13 Reasons Why You Should Tithe

Why Not sign

We’ve given you lots of reasons on this website on why you should not tithe, so here are a bunch of reasons why you should tithe. You Want to be Cursed If you want to be cursed, then a good

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Pastor Posts Non-Tithers on Bulletin Board

Non Tithers on Bulletin Board

I can’t make this stuff up.  A pastor posted a list of the Church members who were not tithers. This was posted on a forum found here. (update) If the date is correct, this is the earliest version of this

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Judgmental Statements About Freewill Givers

man blowing fire out of mouth

The wrath and judgment that spews out of the mouth of others is pretty astounding when i tell them that i do not believe in tithing. You get this bitter vibe coming from them. To be honest it resembles the

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Ten Tough Questions to Ask Tithers

This article was origninally published on our old site. I have decided to rewrite and improve it. This is a list of questions that you should ask tithing supporters. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, why has

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