First Fruits Used to Fatten the Thieves on TBN

First Fruits Used to Fatten the Thieves on TBN

Listen to this wolf in sheep’s clothing tell everyone to get on the phone and pledge $88 of first fruits offering. Oh how i wish the old prophets and judges were on earth to bring the walls down on these people, bring bears to attack them, strike them with leprosy, slay them with the sword of the Lord, cut them into pieces, strike them blind, and bring them plagues. How long will God let the thieves in his house go without judgment?

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2 comments on “First Fruits Used to Fatten the Thieves on TBN
  1. robert says:

    Sorry: anybody who fails for this ,I get hit in church I wasnt giving enough ,is this only a assembly of God thing ,never enough money ! You cant buy God off sorry !so I went some where else ! This is getting old ! Broke for Jesus !

  2. Comment says:

    It’s a people thing, a flesh thing, a greed thing, even Judas had an issue. BROAD is the road to destruction, and MANY are on it. Even Christians? The Word says they will cry out, Lord, Lord, didn’t we do this and didn’t we do that, and He will tell them to depart as He never knew them. SIN has many faces!!

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