In God We Trust?

In God We Trust?

in god we trust on nickelMark 12:38-40
Beware of the scribes. . .who devour widows’ houses

In response to the article Tele-Evangelist Lifestyles

This article shakes me up. Bad. I’m almost speechless, and all i can feel is tears developing from the numbness of my thoughts. What have we done God? Help us.

“In God we Trust” is on the back of every US coin, but the representatives of God are trusting in the money more than the maker. Maybe our minds have grown numb to that phrase on the back of the coins and bills. It’s no wonder that atheists are winning the battle for removing God off government property; because God’s representatives have already done it without their help. Why fight the atheists? Our leaders have already smudged the ink so bad that it’s unreadable. We no longer trust in God. I grow weary about the debate of tithe and offerings when i read an article like this. But on the other hand, i’m more boldened to change the kingdom. I’m more encouraged now than ever to reprint the phrase “In God We Trust” back on every single dollar and back on the face of every single coin. We are fighting the enemy within ourselves now. God help us.

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