My Vote in 2008

My Vote in 2008

I voted for the Republican party. I know. I know. I make some enemies, and i gain some friends when i say that. I’m gonna tell you why i voted republican. First let’s hear the reasons that were NOT part of my decision:

voting box yes noIt is not because. . . Barack Obama is black – of course, that’s the most ludicrous excuse in the world, that is not why my vote went Republican. If Alan Keyes was running, even for the democratic party, i would have put my vote towards him. I don’t know why i feel that i have to even justify myself about that, but nonetheless. . .

It is not because. . . I hate democrats – I have some resentment, and some bitterness towards the overall party tendencies, but truthfully, McCain’s policies do not make me happy either.

It is not because. . . the republican party is the evangelical party – I think both of us can agree that Jesus does not sit in one of the seats for the republicans or democrats (regardless of what they say about Obama;). As a matter of fact it would seem that the democrat party with their anti-war, social, and welfare agenda’s could be more in line with what God wants.

It is not because of. . . Obama’s relationship with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko – If you connect the dots far enough in my life, you will find some surprising relationships. I’m not excusing some of the bizarre things i’ve heard about some of those people, but those blips in Obama’s life do not influence my vote much.

Enough of ‘why not’, here’s my reason i did vote Republican:

If the government takes care of everyone’s welfare, healthcare, job security, financial security, home, education, and transportation, then why would people need a God? Why would people need a Christian relationship in their life? Why would the church need to exist? Why would people run to God or his people when they have a need?

In the New Testament we see great examples of personal sharing, caring, and sacrifice amongst one another. Are you satisfied with the government taking away the Church’s responsibility to these social and welfare duties? It was the Church’s responsibility to take care of the poor, sick, widows, lame, and orphans. Instead, we are sitting back on our butts and letting the government take care of it. We need to wake up! To me this is the greatest ‘right’ at stake in this election. It is our right and responsibility to handle the welfare of God’s creation, and we are complacent with not doing any of it.

Voting for a president who will provide welfare and social programs is not fulfilling the Church’s responsibility to take care of these people. People need God, not government. Handing out food, building shelter, and providing clothes is the greatest advertisement we can have for God; but if all this advertisement turns into an advertisement for government, then i feel less will turn to God, and more and more will be lost in the grip of the government.

I have a heavy burden on my heart for the poor, but i also want an opportunity for the poor to see Jesus take care of them, not the government.

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6 comments on “My Vote in 2008
  1. NMar says:

    God works through people. When someone needs a shelter, it is people acting on God’s behalf that makes that happen. The church has taken on some of that responsibility, but it’s not enough. Obama’s message is that government can’t solve all our problems, but that government should do what we can’t do for ourselves. What good is government if not to serve the needs of it’s citizens? Your comment somehow betray the premise that he is about to start a socialist revolution. A charge McCain has repeatedly made. However, look at his proposals. It seems opportunistic to suggest that people who are hungry or are sick and need help shouldn’t get it just so we (Christians) can have the opportunity to evangelize them.

  2. Jared Brian says:

    I am sorry that you misunderstand my blog post. Israel survived under a welfare and social state that successfully operated under their own religious system. Also, the early church was persecuted by the government and absolutely could not get help from them, but as you read in acts, there was no need.

    So the assumption that the Church can’t help our poor people out ourselves is foolish and ignorant of historical examples, and facts. As a matter of fact the bible specifically states that if one cannot provide for his own he is worse than an infidel.

    God’s intension for government to manage our welfare is not found anywhere in the bible. God set up government so man has a way to reward right and wrong, and defend it’s people.


  3. freewillgiver says:

    I am one of the few Black Republicans and I voted for McCain Palin. Today is a sad and happy day to be a Christian in America. My conservative side is sad but my side that hurts for poor African Americans and Black people around the world rejoices. It is the Republicans fault that they only got 4% of the Black vote in this election. They have neglected Black Christians for a long time but this is the nations history. The most persecuted Christians in America have usually been Christians of color. Their churches are the most likely to burn and Black Christians are the ones most assaulted by the evils of liberalism telling them to abort their babies. Blacks really did not have the right to vote untill 1968 so Black Christians have a different history than White Christians. My post aim is to enlighten everyone to this reality.

    Things are much better in America today but we cannot forget that the Biggest sins of this country were racism, slavery and segregation. These three caused Abortion to come to the nation under Racist Margret Sanger. These past sins caused Blacks and whites not to marry each other and become one race.

    Blacks and Whites could not marry legally in many states until 1968. I am interracially married and this fact burns me up. Even in my churches which were white I have heard Christians speak against Interracial marriage. Had Interracial marriage not been Illegal when slaves became free most Americans would be visibly part Black. We would look like Brazil. Remember American Christians the evils which were allowed to be preached from Christian, mostly forced tithing congregations.

    Where were the evangelical Christians during the long 100 year period of Segregation which made their Black brothers and sisters so poor? They were busy collecting tithes and staying out of politics. “Christian” racial bias also contributed to Black poverty. The Black White denominationalism aided by the moneytithe doctrines also helped Obama to get elected. Christians need to start felloshiping instead of paying forced tithes to the race dividing denominations. Like any company selling a product they tend to aim at niche markets. One tithe denomination services whites, another Blacks. The tithing system in many small ways contributed to this Republican loss.

    They need to run more Black candidates and reach out to Black churches. The party with its Hundreds of rich politicians and 10s of millions of dollars could buy vouchers to Christan schools as scholarships instead of advertising in the liberal media. If they had reached out to Black churches they could have easily delivered more than 4% of the Black vote.

    I am happy over Obama becase today being Black is less hard as a direct result of his election. I believe more in America and I think less Black folks will self destruct because they think the White man is holding them down. Obama is helping to end some racist feelings amongst Blacks and Whites. Blacks can’t blame everything on racism as easily as they have in the past. This is one conservative effect of his presidency. He probably won’t be our worst president. Many of our first “Christian” presidents held slaves or attacked the American Indians.

    These Past Christian racist presidents oppressed other Indian and Black Christians from the start. The Cherokee were mostly christian when they went on the trail of tears and the poor black Christian slaves were the best Christians America ever Knew.

    I can’t stand the notion that Obama must be the anti-Christ we already had many presidents who were much worse than what I think he will be. Remember he is causing much racial healing even though I do not believe that he is a Christian. However Christian Missionaries around the world might experience more favor because Obama is president.

    Only in a Christian country could the son of an African immigrant become the leader of a mostly White country. Its not all bad for Christianity but there are some definite downsides. Abortion is one of the biggest downsides for the Obamma win.

    I am a Republican but bailing out banks and rich farmers while so many Black youth are unemployed seems like bad hypocritical stances. Blacks here in California voted 70% against gay marriage while the white voters were in favor or 50/50 on prop 8. Blacks voted 90% for Obama. Blacks are more conservative than Whites on many issues including abortion, the death penalty, and joining the armed forces. Republican Christian Politicians need to show up at Black churches and help correct the Democratic party problem.

    I am ranting but our party needs to change and the era Black and white evangelical churches needs to change. Ending the money tithe doctrines dominance could help in end the Black White church divide. Thank you for reading this long post by a Happy Black man who is your christian brother.

  4. Sister in Christ says:

    You stated that: It was the Church’s responsibility to take care of the poor, sick, widows, lame, and orphans. Instead, we are sitting back on our butts and letting the government take care of it. We need to wake up!

    I agree 100%, however I do not feel that because the church is asleep behind the wheel, people should continue to suffer and do without. That is socially irresponsible. God places leaders in position to affect change and I beleive that Obama is such a leader.

  5. Jared Brian says:

    Sister in Christ,
    I hope i sound clear when i say this. Whenever the government steps in to take care of social responsibilities, i blame the Church for allowing this to happen. I don’t necessarily blame the government, although it would be nice if they understood the necessity to put more pressure on church’s to start doing their job. It’s embarrassing that the government has to step in. I want people to continue blaming the Church, and putting pressure on us. Thanks for your comments, and your support.


  6. devon says:

    My main reason for rejecting Obama, and I have a ton of reasons, is his abortion stand.
    I do agree, however, that the government has taken over the church’s job of welfare. This also contributed to what the church looks like today. All finances being directed toward plush buildings used as entertainment centers with exorbitant salaries for the CEO’s of organized religion peddling a ‘feel good’ gospel of materialism and arrogance. devon

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