New Blog Category for Questions

New Blog Category for Questions

I don’t know why i have never done this before, but i finally started a new blog category listed on the right that will list many of the questions i receive through email or elsewhere about stewardship and tithing.

Here’s the first question for this category.

Q: We need to get caught up on our debts and pay them off. My husband insists that we still pay tithes and offerings instead of paying them off. Is he right?

A: Absolutely not.

How can you serve both the master of debt, and also serve God with gifts? You can’t serve God while you are a slave to debt. There is no guarantee of a reward of money to pay off your debt just because you paid the tithe and offering first.

My parents paid tithing for 20 years, and i can tell you that in the end they were still in $30,000 in credit card debt. Their tithe over those years was equivalent to about $100,000. I believe a wise steward would pay 70,000 in tithes and offerings and used the other 30,000 to stay out of debt.

God doesn’t look at the amount. He looks at your heart, which will fall in line with a sacrificial giving attitude. But he’s not happy with poor stewardship regardless of your worthy giving habits. Remember, it was the servant in Matthew 25:14-30 who gave 100% back to his master that was considered a wicked servant and a bad steward.

Living in debt, outside of investment purchases such as schooling, mortgages, transportation, and business purchases, is poor stewardship. I’m not trying to get you to be divisive with your husband, by all means, come to an agreement together; but please be persuasive that tithing does not exempt you from the curse of poor stewardship.

In the end. Remember that you can’t properly serve both masters.

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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11 comments on “New Blog Category for Questions
  1. Angie says:

    First time visitor here. Met you over at blogcatalog. I like what you are doing here and subscribed to your feed. Feel free to visit me. I have a similar niche.

    a fellow Christian blogger,

  2. John says:

    You should pay your tithe first not last. If you obey God’s command He will bless you. We live by faith not by sight. Why don’t you cut anything else. You could cut car, house, food anything but God’s command (I Cor. 16:2). This is probably a test from God about principle. What is worse ,living in debt or disobeying God? If you cannot live on 90 percent with God you can’t live on one hundred percent without God. What is ten percent without God? If your outgo exceeds your income it will be your upkeep that leads to your down fall. If you stop tithing God will not bless you and something will constantly break. You will end up the worse if you neglect His principles. Malachi calls it a bag full of holes. Should you put yourself above God’s bills? Remember the stewardship principle was referring to the tithe anyway (I Cor. 16:1-3). It was not given in reference to the 90 percent. God doesn’t need your tithe. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the hills as well. God does not need you to tithe. You need you to tithe. It is all His and he can take it away. If you do the first God will bless you in the other (Malachi 3:10). This is faith not reason. Don’t think about obeying God. Just obey God. “Will a man rob God”?

  3. Dan Davis says:

    Jared, Like your parents I ran up a lot of debt while tithing. But the debt was not because of the tithing, it was because of all the crap I couldn’t afford that I got with money I didn’t have through plastic credit cards. Tithing doesn’t mean God will let us do stupid things and not accumulate debt for it. your parents are probably lovely people. They a very smart thing and put God first. And they did a very stupid thing and spent more money than they had. We’ve all probably been there. But putting god first is what they did right. I do believe God honors our commitment to be people of integrity and pay off our debts. You are right – you can NOT serve two Masters. And we are not SUPPOSED to! We are to serve ONE. If God releases people from a conviction of their giving pattern to pay down or pay off debt, they should follow that instruction – it will honor God by their submission and by the testimony of financial integrity they develop with others. But to ditch part of one’s giving to continue on in unhealthy patterns of spending more than one should on “stuff” is clearly spoken of in scripture too. I will go ahead and quote it, although some of your readers seem to think that God just used a huge bottle of white-out on the whole Old Testament:
    HAG 1:5 Now this is what the LORD Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. [6] You have planted much, but have harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.”

    HAG 1:7 This is what the LORD Almighty says: “Give careful thought to your ways. [8] Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored,” says the LORD. [9] “You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little. What you brought home, I blew away. Why?” declares the LORD Almighty. “Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house. [10] Therefore, because of you the heavens have withheld their dew and the earth its crops. [11] I called for a drought on the fields and the mountains, on the grain, the new wine, the oil and whatever the ground produces, on men and cattle, and on the labor of your hands.”
    How we honor God with our finances is not just a matter of what percentage we give Him, but what we do with the rest of it as well.

  4. anonymous says:

    You are brainwashed by the false doctrine of forced tithing. I pray in Jesus name that God would open your heart to the meaning of Jesus words on the Cross “It Is Finished” SAME AS: “Paid in full”
    Zilch, Zero, NOTHING Owing but repentance & faith in Jesus for favor and access to God’s free gifts.
    Read Col 2:14 He abolished ordinances which was against us, by taking it away and nailing it to the Cross. That ordinance Jesus nailed to the Cross is the OLD Testament law in Malachi 3:7!
    Just wondering John, if you also are keeping the other 612 Mosaic Old Testament laws? Tithing is only one. If you broke the others did you go and kill a spotless lamb to atone for the sin you committed by breaking the other six hundred & twelve. How about the extra one Jesus added to Adultery that includes looking with Lust as the same as committing Adultery???
    Obedience to the Old Testament Laws included hundred not just the tithe one.
    “Christ fulfilled the law to completion ponder this
    “It is finished”!
    Read Ephesians 2:15 “He (Jesus) abolished the Jewish law with it commandment and rules. Stop taking other peoples word for things and study Gods word for yourself and I guarantee you that there is not one verse to support the mandate on Gentile forced tithing after the finished work of Christ at the Cross! Give the Credit to Jesus not your tithing record!

    • Joanne Burke says:

      My husband’s inability to handle our finances is driving me away. He gives thousands of dollars in tithe to our church, but yet, we have no hospitalization, old car that constantly needs repaired, bills that he doesn’t pay on time, no savings of any kind, and no retirement fund. He never fails to give his tithe to church, but has failed to meet his financial responsibilities as a responsible adult. I can not reach him as to him needing to take care of things while on this earth. I used to be very involved with church, and this is driving me away. I know that I should not let anyone do that to me. I just no longer after 34 yrs., can watch him hold his head up high and proud as he walks into church, knowing that he does not pay his bills, etc. He serves on church ministries and gives his all to church, leaving very little of his time for me. I wish he could read your comment, but he would not believe it anyway. He reads his bible daily, but is brainwashed to tithe, and won’t be happy until we in our old age will end up on the street corner homeless. Jesus saved us through Grace and I know that he does not care about our money.. I totally believe in supporting our church, but what good will it do us to end up with nothing while on this earth? If he was as disciplined with his finances as he is with tithing, we would be in good shape. Unfortunately, I may end up going down with a sinking ship..

      • joel says:

        Hi Joanne,

        I feel for your husband, he is a classic example of a christian who has been mislead by pastors to pay his tithes or be cursed.First and formost the bible teaches that if we go back and try and practise or revive any old covenant law or Mosiac law we then need to keep the whole law given by Moses.

        For example the bible teaches that if anyone is caught in adultry,breaking the sabbath, rebellious teenagers etc…. the Israelites were commanded by the law of Moses to kill them.

        We CAN NOT separate the tithing law and all the other laws given to the Nation of Israel, please go read the Old Testament and find out how hard and strict the Mosiac law was.
        We are not allowed by God to pick and choose which law to keep and which one to ignore. To keep one you need to keep the whole lot, I mean killing people who sin against the law .

        Jesus said in ( Mathew 23:23 ) that tithing is in the law of Moses.
        In the book of Galatians is the only place in the New Testament where God said through Pauls letters that christians will be cursed if we disobey him. ( Galatians 3:10-12 )

        If we try and practise any old covenant law, the bible teaches that WE ARE CUT OFF FROM CHRIST or GRACE. ( Galatians 5:4 AMP ) That is very dangerous but christians take it lightly because their pastor must know that warning but ignores it and teach them that the curse mentioned by Paul was not for them.

        Please read the scriptures I listed above it will set you free

        Have a Peaceful day

      • EnnisP says:

        Hey Joanne,
        Aside from the tithing question your husband seems to have a problem with financial management issues. Your concerns are justified but there might be more hope solving the problem if the after-tithe-money was managed better. Maybe you should recommend books by David Ramsey. David does practice tithing but he doesn’t suggest it is the answer to financial problems and his book, “Financial Peace,” is both clear and convincing on the need to carefully manage money.

        I am not arguing for or against tithing but tithing isn’t always the problem. There are many people who don’t tithe and are still in serious financial trouble. If your husband’s problem is management, withholding the tithe may not make a difference. Help him get a perspective on management and he might be more inclined to listen to you about tithing. It could make a huge difference.

        Personally, I do believe in tithing but I don’t see it as a “get out of jail free card.” The consequences of poor money management cannot be avoided by tithing or not tithing.

        • JOANNE BURKE says:

          Thank you for your comments.. It is so nice to be able to express concern and not be judged. I really did think for a long time that tithing was my husbands problem. I realized that although it takes a large bite out of our income, the real problem is that he can not handle his finances.. I have for years, tried to go to our Pastor’s in several churches for help, but that was useless. When it came down to it, all they truly cared about was the money he was giving. I pray that God will open his eyes and the eyes of a lot of Pastor’s.. God Bless..

  5. anonymous says:

    Brainwashed people are not going to get the meaning of Grace. Everything in their mindset is performance based. It’s all about their works and not the Finished works of Christ on that Cross.
    They most likely have not understood or even read their New Testament portion, notice how they are quoting everything in the Old Testament to justify forced tithing.
    Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. He came and fulfilled them for us. You all should be very happy about this!

  6. EnnisP says:

    Many people are in financial trouble today for various reasons, some of which are not their fault, and in most cases tithing is not in the budget. Since tithing isn’t the most likely cause of the problem its removal won’t be the most likely solution.

    If our financial problems are caused by bad habits, God’s grace provides the opportunity to take measures to correct that but it has no effect without our effort. Eliminating the tithe may not be the wisest choice even if the problem is due to no fault of our own.

  7. anonymous says:

    Enis P:
    To clarify what I meant,
    A performance based relationship our Lord, like forced tithing is not the right image of what a merciful God who loves unconditionally and has now given us the free gift of grace is all about.
    Jesus did not die a cruel and painful death on that Cross to have have a false forced doctrine of works (like mandated tithing) The tithing record of the individual then steals the the credit for what Jesus freely paid in full for on the Cross. Tithing yes, forced tithing, not is right. All Old Testament laws were nailed to the Cross nailed to the cross. It is all about grace now and grace is unmerited favor.

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