Pastor Posts Non-Tithers on Bulletin Board

Pastor Posts Non-Tithers on Bulletin Board

I can’t make this stuff up.  A pastor posted a list of the Church members who were not tithers. This was posted on a forum found here. (update)

If the date is correct, this is the earliest version of this story that I have found online.

Finding the original source would be appreciated.

Non Tithers on Bulletin Board

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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36 comments on “Pastor Posts Non-Tithers on Bulletin Board
  1. smiley says:

    The sad thing about this is that the person or persons responsible for this will say that the Lord told them to do this! Unfortunate! What is next for them? A Sinner’s Board where they post sins and then put peoples’ names next to the sin or something. . . . help us Lord Jesus.

  2. Jared Brian says:

    You have me thinking about the passage in Isaiah
    “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” If God doesn’t post our sins, and has removed them, who are we to post others. This is without saying that tithing isn’t required in the first place.

    – jared

    • smiley says:

      Amen Steward! I am so thankful to God for the website that He has put on your heart to create! It truly is a blessing to so many if you did not know.

  3. Gregory says:

    This so called Pastor is EVIL, TITHING is just a way for the CHURCH to spend 95% on salaries, conferences, trips and leave a small amount left over to give away to whom they DEEM fit to receive it.

    What a slap in the face of Jesus Christ, when a man ridicules a person for not giving the slave tax of ten-percent. II Corinthians 9:7, tells New Testament Christians how they should give.

    This pastor is what is wrong with CHURCHES today.

  4. Timothy says:

    Yes, let’s keep our pastors in poverty and not expect them to get educated in biblical hermeneutics. This whole website sounds like a group of people trying to justify their stinginess. The guy that posted the sign above is wrong, but withholding a tithe or trying to slander a church is not the answer.

    You say ‘New Testament Christians’ as if we are different or under some different form of righteousness than those in the Old Testament. Or do you think that a Holy God that called his people to support the priests and their work in the Old Testament no longer commands his people to support them now? The tithe supports the work and ministry of the church (including the ministry of preaching the word). Christ established the visible church and it is the visibly representation of the body of Christ.

    Yes, the tithe was part of the Old Testament ceremonial law and no sinner will ever achieve salvation through his tithe, but if you aren’t giving at least 10% of the blessings that God has freely given you, then shame on you. Many poor Christians hold their money so tightly but God blesses those that hold their money with an open hand. You slander men on this site, accuse them of greed and evil, when they try to hold their congregation to biblical accountability on an issue they feel strongly about. Woe to you.

    • Jim says:

      Where does it talk in the scripture about a lot of schooling that helps teach how to keep your flock under control. The way I read it is the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth. Paul spoke about fancy words and slick talk. Could it be most of our concept & thinking about what the church is supposed to b may be wrong??

      • Joe says:

        The disciples spent 3 years with Jesus. Jesus apparently thought a 3 year intensive was important for raising up the next generation of believers. We just happen to call those three years “seminary” today.

        • Jim says:

          You did notice they were training under the guidance of Jesus and not some stiff that is steeped in denominational forms and traditions. I assume you have checked out the curriculum at several seminaries! Once again you discount the leading of the Holy Spirit to all truth. It never said He needed man’s help to do that.

          • Rob says:

            Paul sat at the feet of Gamaliel. And he spent time studying in Arabia. I would say that is Education.

    • Prerich says:

      Problem with what you are saying, the entire community of believers are priest, we (all believers) are a royal priesthood. I was a bi-vocational pastor for 10 years and I left giving up to the hearts of the people. If they are believers, they have the same Christ I have, filled and taught by the same Holy Spirit, I believe in letting God deal with individuals – so we may all grow together! Christ did establish the visible Church, but our organizations look nothing like what the early church did.

    • MoDen says:

      I have read the comments thoroughly and realized that some Christians have NO CLUE as to what GOD’S tithe is. This subject has not been taught in our churches. We however, teach a lot on TITHING MAN’s WAY and for that we wrongfully apply Malachi chapter 3 to it, either because we don’t know better or because we enjoy teaching a lie! GOD’s WAY OF TITHING IS NOT MONEY! NO ISRAELITE COULD BRING MONEY TO GOD. IT WAS NOT ACCEPTED! SIMPLE! There are special things which God wanted a tenth of and MONEY IS NOT ONE OF THEM, even though they had plenty of money back then. Read Deuteronomy 14 FROM VERSE 22. IN VERSES 24-26 GOD SPEAKS SPECIFICALLY ABOUT MONEY! NO ONE COULD BRING HIM MONEY OR ELSE THEY WOULD BE DISOBEYING HIS COMMAND! MONEY WAS NOT ACCEPTED BY GOD AND THAT HAS NOT CHANGED! THEREFORE, THOSE WHO THINK THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO PAY TITHES, IF YOU DO NOT OBEY THIS COMMAND, YOU ARE BEING DISOBEDIENT! SIMPLE! THIS IS GOD’s LAW ON TITHING regarding money and it has not changed! HE DOES NOT WANT US TO BRING TEN PERCENT OF MONEY. THE SCRIPTURE IS CLEAR ON THIS. God only wants an increase of what He gives! Read your Bibles and stop following error from the pulpits! Study to show yourselves approved! Emperor Charlemagne of the Catholic church made tithing money a law, with the punishment of ex-comuncation if you didn’t follow his orders. Study the History of the Christian Church! Know why we do what we do and how to follow Biblical truths instead of man’s doctrines! CHRISTIANS NEED TO KNOW GOD’S LAWS.

      The Tithing Law was NOT given to the New Testament Church. It was given to the nation of Israel. Only Levites could collect tithes. That’s why Jesus COULD NOT COLLECT TITHE because he was NOT a Levite. Is your Pastor a Levite? If he/she is not and is collecting tithe, then they are disobedient! Only Levites should receive tithe (as ministers). Other than that, Widows, strangers and fatherless are the ones to receive tithes. Pastors are NOT Levites! being the son of God DID NOT make Jesus a Levite so why do you think any of us would be made a Levite because we are pastors/leaders?

      In the New Testament church we no longer see Tithing. It’s freewill offerings. Even Levites who (under the OT) would have been collecting, were now selling what they had and sharing it amongst the brethren (Read about the Levite named Joses Barnabas in Acts 4). GOD DOES NOT BLESS DISOBEDIENCE! ON THE OTHER HAND, HIS BLESSINGS ARE FOR ALL HIS CHILDREN, so not because you disobey by limiting your resources to ten percent, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU MORE BLESSED than anyone else. God takes care of ALL his children. None of us can buy our way in!

      On one last note, DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU PAY TITHE TODAY, (The real tithe of produce and animals as God ordered in the OT) YOU ARE REJECTING JESUS CHRIST? I bet some us didn’t know that. The Scriptures say “Jesus Christ is the end of the law for righteousness”(Romans 10:4) That’s why today, we are no longer required to do any of the 613 laws (Mosaic Laws). The NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH (of today), NEEDS ‘BIBLICAL’ TEACHINGS SO WE CAN EXPEL THE ERRORS WE’VE PICKED UP ALONG THE WAY. Yahweh bless us all.

    • emmanueljohn says:

      jesus christ was born in a poor family and lived in poverty, but pastors of today are askhing tenth to live richly they want cars,planes,high homes,jesus travel on donkey,jesus said its very difficult for a rich man to enter heaven

  5. Gary Maxwell says:


    To assume that those of us who think differently about tithing than you do are stingy and somehow want pastors to stay broke is simply ignorant and demonstrates the very attitude that is prevalent among those who adhere to the tithing law.

    Your statement “You say ‘New Testament Christians’ as if we are different or under some different form of righteousness than those in the Old Testament.” proves your misunderstanding.

    Christians did not exist until New Testament times. Under the Old Testament, an Israelite was required to obey the law with the threat of a curse hanging over their head. Christ died to free us from this.

    Is our righteousness different than what Old Testament Israel had? Definitely, Yes! That is why there is an OLD covenant and a NEW covenant.

    Our righteousness does not come from keeping the Sabbath, tithing, or any other Old Testament command. Jesus fulfilled them for us and we live in that freedom. We are free to give–not required to give.

    Being born again is distinctive of this dispensation. Those who lived in the Old Testament were not born again. The new birth was only available after Jesus rose from the dead and not before. Our righteousness comes from Jesus NOT from our works.

    So please do your homework before you accuse your brethren of being “stingy”.

    • Joshua says:

      I wanted to just address the point made about the Old testament saints being saved differently in the New Testament. As a matter of fact, those in the Old Testament were saved in the same way as in the New, but instead of looking back to the death of Christ, they were looking forward to it. Whether a man could be saved by keeping the law is irrelevant, because no man has ever kept the law! All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Salvation has not Changed, Nor has God changed. The plan from Eternity was to have the law to show man’s need for a savior, and the New Covenant gave the savior to Him. Only by trusting this future Messiah was an OT saint saved.

      • Gary Maxwell says:


        I agree that nobody could be saved by the law as it was impossible to keep the law. I agree that the law was given to show man’s need of a savior and that the OT promised the coming messiah who would remove all fo mankind’s sins. I never said otherwise.

        My point was and is that the OT saints lived under the law and we do not. And I will say again that the OT saints were not born again and made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. They did not have the new birth. Only when Jesus was raised from the dead and took captivity captive, could a person be born again. That was my main point.

        Because an OT saint was not born again, their spirit was not changed as of yet and they lived under law. Righteousness was by faith Hab 2:4. But the law was still in force and Israel was still required to live under it.

        Because we, since Jesus was raised from the dead, are indeed born again, we are not under the law, as the law was only made for the unrighteous. It functioned as sort of an artificial conscience, if you will, until the seed should come to whom the promises were made.

        Keeping tithing or any other OT law under the NT not only frustrates the grace of God but it brings the one doing the law under a curse because if you do one you have to do all 613 commands of the law.

        And that brings us to tithing.

        It was given to Israel not the NT believer. Yes, both we and Israel were saved by looking to the savior but dispensationally speaking, we fulfill the law’s requirements as a result of living out of our new nature (born again spirit) not by following an external command.

        Subsequently, we in this New covenant, give as we have purposed in our hearts; NOT because of the letter of the law from which we have been redeemed and under which no Gentile was ever placed, (for the law was only given to Israel) but because our spirits fulfill the law by walking in love which is the fulfilling of the law.

        To speak as if the only difference between us and the OT saints is the direction which we look to for salvation misses some important concepts that is distinctive of the New testament period.

        Happy Holidays

        • Rocky says:

          You forget that BEFORE the law was given, before Moses, before Israel was a people, there was Abraham and in Genesis 14, Abraham paid a tithe to Melchizedek. Now Jesus is also of the order of Melchizedek in that he and Jesus are both priests/kings. If Abraham tithed unto Melchizedek, which was before the Law why shouldn’t we continue?

          • Gary Maxwell says:


            I haven’t forgotten that point at all. It’s just that to make that a basis for teaching tithing as obligatory today fails to see some of the details of the situation.

            Some scholars believe that Abram tithed as a matter of Arab custom. Others, like you, hold it up as proof of maintaining tithing as a requirement.

            Hebrews shows that by Abram tithing to Melchizedek it established a higher priesthood than the Levitical priesthood. This passage in Hebrews establishes that Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek but it is a stretch–without scriptural merit–to assume that since Abram tithed to Melchizedek that we should tithe to Jesus.

            Jesus not only fulfilled the law He also instituted a New Covenant and the way we are blessed under this New Covenant is through Jesus not by our work of tithing. Even if tithing occurred before the law, what of it? That does not necessarily mean that it is a binding obligation for all peoples for all time.

            The Sabbath was in force before the giving of the law. Remember, Moses was told to “remember the Sabbath” not institute it.

            In fact, three things were occurring before the law was given: tithing, the Sabbath, and circumcision. Why would you only keep tithing and not the others?

            In closing, I am not against tithing per se. It is simply the giving of 10% of one’s income. If that is what you have purposed in your heart to do, then that is great! What I take issue with is those who say that it is a binding requirement under the New Covenant and by not doing so brings a curse or cuts off your blessings.

            Everything comes through Christ now–even our prosperity. Legalistic tithing has nothing to do with it.

            If you have purposed in your heart to tithe, then do it and enjoy yourself in Him. But do not hang a legal requirement that Jesus freed us from and was never even written to the Church anyway, around our necks.

            Jesus bore too much for me to not take advantage of all that He died to give me.

            In HIm,


          • Prerich says:

            No, because Aaron paid tithe to Melchizedek through Abraham..once and for all. Aaron never paid tithe physically, but was given tithe. Now that the priesthood has changed so has the tithe. We being part of Abraham’s faith, have paid tithe once and for all…now owing nothing to any man but to love one another. Giving is right, but only as it comes from the heart.

          • MoDen says:

            The word “TITHE” means ten percent. It does not mean money. The practice then was to give 10 percent of anything. I don’t think many Christians understand that. Anytime we hear the word ‘Tithe” we automatically think “Money” It’s not the same. Abraham gave Melchizedek 10 percent of the stuff he got from the War. They did not belong to Abraham. Plus Abraham gave IT ALL AWAY. Note what Abraham said as well IN Genesis 14:22-24

            22 And Abram said to the king of Sodom, I have lift up mine hand unto the LORD, the most high God, the possessor of heaven and earth,
            23 That I will not take from a thread even to a shoelatchet, and that I will not take any thing that is thine, lest thou shouldest say, I have made Abram rich:
            24 Save only that which the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men which went with me, Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre; let them take their portion.

            What did he say in verse 23? He stated that he didn’t want any of this booty because he DID NOT WANT ANYONE TO SAY THEY MADE HIM (Abraham) RICH.

            Question then… Did God not know there was a “tithing LAW” (during Abraham’s time) before He instituted His? Was He really not aware?

            Ok then, so if God went on to institute a TITHING LAW doesn’t this warrant us the right to examine God’s TITHING LAW, because obviously, it must have some different components to it? Well upon examination of God’s Tithing Law it is very, very clear that…
            5. IT COULD ONLY BE GIVEN TO CERTAIN PEOPLE (i.e. The Levites, Widows, Strangers, Fatherless etc.)

            God’s Tithing Law is very different from a Tithe. it is a law given by God, requiring a tenth part/one-tenth/10 percent of specific items!

            A “Tithe” simply means 10 percent/a tenth part/one-tenth and this can be a tenth of anything,

            God is very specific what He wants a tithe/10 percent/one-tenth of! It is NOT JUST ANYTHING AND IT IS NOT MONEY!

  6. Dave says:

    I have a huge problem with pastors who say God commands us to give a tenth of our income to Him through the church and the use Malachi 3:10 as their scriptual base for this. I think these pastors are the type of people that are mentioned in Malachi 3:5.

    No where in Malachi will you see what God defines a tithe as or what He commands that this is to be tithed. That gives these pastors the opportunity to redefine what a tithe is and then say that it is from God when it is actually from them.

    God’s command to tithe is in Lev 27:30-33 and specifically says to tithe the vegitation and livestock from your land. It also specifically says to not tithe money, but if you do tithe money there is a 20% penalty for doing so.

    In Numbers 18 God is very specific about who can collect a tithe and that the tithe is the Levite’s payment for being a liason between God and the Israelites. The Isrealites could not aproach the tent (God’s house) without bearing the consequences of their sin and dying. The scripture specifically says, “It is the Levites who are to do the work at the tent of meeting and bear the responsibility for any offenses they commit against it.”

    We no longer have to geta Levitical priest to transfer our sin to an animal and sacrifice the animal. When Jesus was crucified we were given direct access to God and do not need the Levitical liason any more. Todays pastors do not perform the task that God specifically said was to be performed in order to have the authority to receive a tithe. Therefore any pastor who says that God command us to give a tenth of our money is commiting a sin against God and the congregation by defrauding laborers of their wages.

    Malachi 3:5
    “So I will come to put you on trial. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive the foreigners among you of justice, but do not fear me,” says the Lord Almighty.

  7. Harold says:

    What I dont get is Pastors stating that we should give 10 percent but what pastors dont understand is that in today economy is there are people struggling so bad on verge of loosing house, energy fir the house and still want u to tithe 10%, but where as myself even if im struggling i still give somehow wheres its my time or its between $1 or even $5 dollars i still gave. Another thing is if u are visiting ur members at home that time is when u see if they need prayer and stuff like that and not come to their house and preach or teach about offering.

    I have been going to church 19 yrs now and not one church til now that i now am attending is preaching hardcore about tithes and offering!

  8. herb says:

    the nature of god would give as he did his own son,the nature of man would gripe and complain

  9. John says:

    I delight in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ! He has been exalted and have the preemince above all. He alone has reconciled mankind to God through his redemptive work on the cross. Because of Him, the believer is now justified and made righteous apart from the law.

    This is the righteousness of God, even His grace. Believers were called to be witnessess to this truth. However, there is great emphasis on tithing, stewardship, and obedience to founders of ministries who glorify the giving of money to further the gospel.

    I am personally offended by any doctrine which denies that a son of God, made so by Jesus Christ, is a thief and/or robber worthy of humiliation for failing to give 10% of their incomes to support a ministry financially.

    Is this what Jesus died for? For His heirs to be divided by how much to give? If any person desires to tithe (sinner or siant), then let them do so. However, the just shall live by faith!

    Are we not free in Christ?

    Answer this:

    Who is justified before God, a church attending non-believer that tithes 10% of their income or the believer who continually ask for mercy and gives cheerfully.

    Let us not be deceived about salvation, only those who believe upon the name of Jesus, shall be saved, as He has blessed us beyond the prosperity message often glorified today.

    Accokeek MD

  10. LUKE says:

    this is totally evil what the pastor did and is wrong. these greedy preachers and pastors make me very angry. titheing is just another way to fleece the flock. there is something wrong these greedy pastors and preachers live a life of luxury no guilt that theyare taking advantage of people that are poor.

  11. colette says:

    I think the point everyone is missing is that you only rob yourself of a blessing when you don’t tithe. I am a single mom, and I tithe regularly. I haven’t skipped a beat. Every single time I give, and cheerfully I might add, God supplies. That is why we are asked to give; to be blessed. God only asks of us obedience, so He can reign in our lives and prove Himself 100% faithful all the time. If you don’t believe me, try it. He will prove Himself to you EVERY time!!

    • Patricia says:

      Every doctrine has to be supported by scripture, not by what preachers tell you to do. Read my article for solid proof tithing is wrong. I was far, far poorer when I gave in to preachers’ demands for money because that put me back under the curse of the Law until I discovered the truth.

    • God can not lie his word is true. Hebrews 7:18 clearly tells us tithing is weak and unprofitable
      to man under the “New Covenant” because the practice of tithing can not make you righteous if you break this law.Evevenmore,only faith in Jesus Christ can justify you not the principal or practice of thing. Its sad that many are so deceived because of their own selfishness to take the time and study the bible and learn to rightly divide the scriptures.

  12. LUKE says:

    greed motivated a pastor for posting non tithers on a buliten boards just wants to fleece the sheep. look online to ban preacher greed.

  13. Judy says:

    List the pastors perceived sins.

  14. Evelyn says:

    Teach me about todays tithing ritual. That was the law, we live under grace. as it is freely given, freely give it up! We tithe financially, in time, service, in another billion ways. The guilt trick don’t work here. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  15. LUKE says:

    is the pastor wanting to be a pastor of bling. the greedy televangelists need to be exposed for what the are religous scumbags.

  16. Patricia says:

    We Christians are one spirit with Christ, which sets us apart from Old Testament believers under the Law (I Cor.6:17).

  17. Patricia says:

    If we are one spirit with Christ, then when preachers tax us ten per cent they tax Jesus too! Preachers can’t support their monetary church tithing doctrine with written scriptures, so they resort to bullying tactics to get what they want. Jesus and Paul didn’t collect tithes at their meetings, so modern preachers sin against Christ by doing so.

  18. Patricia says:

    This cartoon sums up how I feel about rich greedy parasite preachers

  19. Anita says:

    Where is this church and what is the name of this church?

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