I was lucky and glad for google cache. It kept an archive of all my blogs, that i lost when i converted to a new host. So i was able to input all the old blogs that i lost while converting to a new host. Unfortunately, i lost all the comments though. Well, as i get my feet more on solid ground i’ll start writing more and more posts for this blog. I’ve been so busy with my business. I’ve done so much planning for this website, i’m just disapointed that i don’t have the time to implement them. I work from home and my business is in the growth stage.

I’ve put so much time into the study of tithing, and i’m burdened that i’ve not been able to share many of my thoughts and resources on this topic. My heart has changed much on the subject of tithing. I used to study to search for the truth and debates about this topic, but now my heart has grown more towards the subject of stewardship. I feel for our church today. There is so much that needs to be fixed. Of course it’s not perfect. by the way, i don’t have the perfect answer, nor am i the perfect example either. but i wish sometimes that we could just undo some things that have been done in the church. at least i’d like to find out how we got down some of the paths we are on, so we know how to recover from the wrong path we’ve taken.

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