Stewardship Ministries – Better Way Giving

Stewardship Ministries – Better Way Giving

Stewardship Ministries has launched a sermon series titled, “Better Way Giving“. Jay Link, the author, has published six parts to the series

  1. A Motivated Giver
  2. A Joyful Giver
  3. A Reliable Giver
  4. An Extravagant Giver
  5. A Selfless Giver
  6. An Expectant Giver

Here is a short description from their website.

Exciting new series to examine the six powerful New Testament giving characteristics to help you and your church frame a solid biblical basis for their personal giving.

This study can be used as a six-week, small group, video study module (with accompanying Study Guide) – or – it can be used by pastors as the basis for a six part sermon series on giving.

I personally have read the whole series and would absolutely encourage everyone to read it. I spend a lot of time trying to break down the bondage of tithing, that i spend very little time in speaking about the importance of sacrificial giving for the Church, and Stewardship Ministries does a great job carrying the torch where i’ve fallen short. The Better Way Giving Series was not only a challenge to me about giving sacrificially towards God and others, but also it touched on other areas of my life as well.

Jay Link and Stewardship Ministries is doing a great job encouraging believers through the principles of stewardship, so get out there and support them.

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Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

4 comments on “Stewardship Ministries – Better Way Giving
  1. I am a tither, absolutely believe in it. The Lord blesses and protects, I would not, not tithe because I love the Lord and He has done so much for me. My question is. Does the whole tithe go to your home church? Or is it biblical to also send some of my tithe to like Bibles for China, and Jews for Jesus or any other ministry. I want to do what is right. I have tithed since I was young. I am married now and my husband is not a tither, and doesn’t want me to give really at all, but he tolerates me tithing, he just doesn’t want me giving extra. I am submitting to my husband in that, but he knows I will not quit tithing. So that is why I asked to question is it scriptural to give part of it to some where else. Hope you can help me. I do so love to give. Your sister in Christ, Marianne Morris.

    • Jared Brian says:

      The bible lays out a path in the New Testament to give out of grace and through the Spirit of liberty. Tithing was a lot more complex for Israel than simply giving 10%. There were many other regulations that were attached to this law in order to receive its full benefits and blessings. This law is no longer a requirement for us. God blesses on on the amount of faith, not the amount. We should give sacrificially, and willingly. The New Testament gives principles about our giving but is not legalistic about it. We should take care of the ministers, and we should take care of the poor. These are the two basic requirements. Keep giving sacrificially, but please don’t continue focusing on the legalize. We are sons and daughters of Christ. He paid the price. Now pray about where you need to give. Get advice, and give it with a sincere heart. God will bless regardless. No need to rely on the laws of Moses to receive these blessings that were promised under the law.

  2. sally gower says:

    i have been a thither for a number of years….and just recently stopped as there were so many other financial obligations that were coming our way and we were seemingly getting more and more into debt. i did this for a period of 7 months and we seem to really be not better off or worse..i am really confused as i and my husband so want to become debt free and yet we just can’t seem to manage this. we are on top of our financial obligations yet want to really want to become free from all debt…which isn’t really very much at the moment. my question is…is it ok to stop any financial giveing until you have acheived your goal of becoming debt free…then start titithing again after this has happened.
    i want to give something as i do truely believe that you should…i am just so confused and feel really guilty that it is just too hard to give the 10 percent at the moment….
    sally gower

    • Jared Brian says:

      I can’t really give solid answers about whether or not its right for you to give or pay off debt first. If there are immediate and urgent needs that others have that may be more important than paying off your debt at the moment, then by all means help others. But there is no scripture that will tell you that giving is a higher priority than paying debt or vice versa. i wrote an article here

      i don’t know if that would help you in your situation or not. i personally believe that if you have taken care of any spending problems you may have, then by all means pay off debt first. You can’t serve two masters. either you serve God or serve the lender with your money.

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