Stewardship Ministries Christmas Sale

Stewardship Ministries Christmas Sale

Stewardship Ministries has a Christmas sale on their items. if you know someone who could use some tools for their studies, or to help with stewardship training then here are some great gift idea for Christmas.

To all my fellow stewards,Merry Christmas! Thanks to a generous grant from a friend of our ministry, we are able to offer you 70% discounts on ALL our digital small group video studies and personal, interactive workbooks and 25% off all our printed books from now through Christmas Day. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can buy!What a great time to share the good news of life stewardship with friends, family and your church. Here are some Christmas ideas:

asdf Buy your friends or loved ones one or more of our life stewardship personal, interactive workbooks for a unique and life changing Christmas gift – now only $5.95 each. (Buy them the entire eight lesson series!) Click here
asdf Introduce others to the message of life stewardship by giving them a copy of our concise book Who’s in Charge Here? – now only $7.50 hard copy; $5.95 Kindle or PDF. Click here
asdf Give your pastor a digital copy of our powerful Better Way Giving Sermon Resource Guide (Six power-packed sermons on what the New Testament teaches believers about giving.) – now only $5.95. Click here
asdf A church can buy our entire 44 lesson video series on life stewardship for only $107.90. This includes all the videos and all the discussion study guides for all lessons. (A savings of over $250!) Click here
asdf How about giving your pastor our Life Stewardship Study for Pastors and Church Leaders small group video study – now only $14.99 Click here
adfs If you know a family that the Lord has blessed with materials success and have no idea what to get them for a gift – how about either To Whom Much is Given – now only $14.95, or Spiritual Thoughts on Material Things – now only $17.20. Click here
asdf If you have a teen family member or a friend, give them our interactive The One Question That Changes Everything life stewardship study for junior high or high school students. Now only $5.95.Click here
asdf Great Gift Idea!Liquidation price for our remaining 13 week printed life stewardship studies.Leaders Kit (printed Leaders Guide, one Study Guide and all 13 video lessons on DVD) normally $69.95: Now $9.95Extra Discussion Guides $9.95: Now $1.95Click here

If you are looking for both a unique and life changing gift for Christmas this year, you might want to give those you love and care about the message of life stewardship. Give them a gift that will truly keep on giving!


E. G. “Jay” Link

Chief Steward

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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