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Bible Verses: Should Christians Debate?

I had someone write an email to me about why we Christians should have no reason to debate the word of God. The irony of it is it’s ok, to debate about whether we should debate? Here are a few

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Bible Verses About Spirit Led Giving

Because of my stand against the tithing mandate, many have asked me for bible verses that support Spirit led giving. So I’ve compiled a list of the more obvious bible verses that i believe support Spirit led giving as opposed

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How Were Offerings Used in the New Testament?

wooden offering plate

Below is an extensive list of all the bible verses that discuss how offerings were used in the New Testament. Although this is not a list of every bible verse that talks about giving, these bible verses are all the

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Bible Verses About Tithing


This is a list of all 17 bible verses  about tithing from both the Old and New Testament scriptures. Genesis 14:20 – In this bible verse, Melchizedek comes out to meet Abraham, as Abraham gives him a tithe of the spoils

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