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Guest Post – David Croteau: Tithing After the Cross

tithing after the cross

About 1 1/2 years ago I was contacted by an old professor of mine, Dr. David Alan Black, and he requested that I write a book for the new publishing company he had become an editor for: Energion Publications. Specifically, he

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The Tithe That Binds – Rory O. Moore

the tithe that binds

I finished the book, “The Tithe That Binds” by Rory O. Moore recently (probably a few months back). I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it. I’ve actually posted a short testimony by Rory Moore some time ago so

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Perspectives on Tithing: Four Views

Four Perspectives on Tithing Book

A new book edited by David A. Croteau is arriving shortly. It presents four perspectives on tithing. Here’s what Amazon says below: Was the tithe just for Israel, or is it also applicable to Christians? Must a tithe go only

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Beyond Tithes & Offerings

I just finished the book, “Beyond Tithes & Offerings” by Mitchell T. & Michael L. Webb. Truthfully, i don’t know where to begin in my review of this book because i gained a lot from it. I guess i will

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The Law of Rewards – Randy Alcorn

I Just finished the book, “The Law of Rewards” by Randy Alcorn. I’ve been a quest over the past years to read all the major books, and authors out there that speak about tithing in a published book. I read

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