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A person reported in the news sacrifices and gives up $3 million in an offering plate, and on the other hand the church gets excited about hoarding it. Here’s a news story of a person anonymously putting a lottery ticket …

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I don’t have much time to write about this one, but here’s a news article that talks about a Church who is kicking out an 80-year-old, social security paid, single woman because she only paid her tithe twice this year. …

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Here is an investigation by CBS News, looking into the kenneth copeland ministries. Of course you might have to watch a commercial first.

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I read a news article from the author, Bridgett Williams-NBC Augusta titled, “Faith First: Translating The Tithe”. You can view the article here. There was a video on there interviewing two pastors, and i want to quote one of the …

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Lots of scandals going on in the Church lately but here’s the latest news written by Justing Juozapavicius in the Associated Press – “Embattled Oral Roberts President Resigns”. The link to the news article is here. There were allegations brought …

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