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I’m sitting here right now trying to think of a way to transition all the thoughts going through my mind, so this post might get a little bumpy and random. I have Google tithing alerts sent to my email every …

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I know i had seen this tithe test floating around here and there on other websites. So i figured i might as well post it here. As a side note, i just want to say that i do not particularly …

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In the last post we had spoken about providing and helping people pay for health care. In continuation of the “Invisible Church” series, let’s talk about “hunger”. When it comes to world hunger the Church takes the verse, “man shall …

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Some recent thoughts about the availability and efficiency of the Church have prompted me to write a series titled, “The Invisible Church”. Make no mistake, I said “invisible” NOT “invincible”. This series has been prompted by my thoughts about how …

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Why is God’s request a ‘need’ But my request, a ‘want’ indeed? Why is God’s house that fancy But my house not much to see? Why should I give to God’s missionary When my own city is cold and hungry? …

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