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Beware of The Big Green Monster

green monster

Probably the most criticism i receive about this site is not the fact that i am against tithing. This may seem surprising considering that the tithing (so-called) doctrine is so near-and-dear to many. Actually the number one criticism i receive

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Incompatible Systems: Tithing v. Holy Spirit

Could you imagine if God told the Israelites to use the laws in the Roman tax code to pay for the Levitical service in the temple? I’m sure a lot of objections come to mind right now. here are a

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Advent Conspiracy Video

Advent Conspiracy from The Springs Church on Vimeo.

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Jack McConnell’s Generosity

My wife and i read a book together called, “Love as a Way of Life” by Gary Chapman. Here’s an excerpt in the chapter on “Generosity” that i’d like to share Dr. Jack McConnell grew up in “the last house

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Tithe Definition

There are many people that ask about the definition of the tithe. In the broadest sense, the tithe definition means a tenth of one’s increase – Deuteronomy 14:22. That is the simplest definition of the tithe accepted by a majority

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