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Probably the most criticism i receive about this site is not the fact that i am against tithing. This may seem surprising considering that the tithing (so-called) doctrine is so near-and-dear to many. Actually the number one criticism i receive …

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Could you imagine if God told the Israelites to use the laws in the Roman tax code to pay for the Levitical service in the temple? I’m sure a lot of objections come to mind right now. here are a …

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Advent Conspiracy from The Springs Church on Vimeo.

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My wife and i read a book together called, “Love as a Way of Life” by Gary Chapman. Here’s an excerpt in the chapter on “Generosity” that i’d like to share Dr. Jack McConnell grew up in “the last house …

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There are many people that ask about the definition of the tithe. In the broadest sense, the tithe definition means a tenth of one’s increase – Deuteronomy 14:22. That is the simplest definition of the tithe accepted by a majority …

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