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Jesus Loves You If You Tithe

This video was posted by Patricia from Ban Preacher Greed in our Comments section. Listen to the words she puts with the tune of ‘Jesus Loves Me’

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Making Love to the Tithe

If you are one of those who are in love with tithing (ahem, prosperity pimps) and fantasize about financial blessings, then this video is for you. LISTEN UP!

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Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey on Tithing

jim carrey and dwayne wayans preaching in a church

Although this is a parody, i actually see some reality in this skit.

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Tithing in Plain English

Here’s my version of tithing in plain English: “Give me 10% of your money, Sucka!”

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Tithing Dounts Video


Bring your donuts into the storehouse. This is definitely what robbing God looks like. Except, if it were me, i would have given Him the jelly ones back since i don’t like those.

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