TBN Preachers Get Ready to Buy New Private Jet

TBN Preachers Get Ready to Buy New Private Jet

Looks like a new, hot, luxury, private jet is going to be out in the market in a few years. So TBN schedule some time for your tele-thon’s, to rack in this doe. It is a hefty $58.5 million. With its Rolls Royce br725 engine this puppy can get up to mach 0.90. Don’t worry TBN fans this plane will never be used for anything other than ministry. Check out the specs here

Gulfstream g650 - private jet

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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16 comments on “TBN Preachers Get Ready to Buy New Private Jet
  1. freewillgiver says:

    I agree this is my first time posting I hope this work. I love
    and agree with your opinion.

  2. freewillgiver says:

    I am so glad that you are out there speading the news about tithes. If I am correct you believe like me that tithes are an old testament command not to be followed today.

    I was given the scripture in Deutaronomy 12:26 when I was 13 years old and if I am quoting it correctly it says to spend tithe money on wine and strong drink. The passage also seems to indicate that folks in the Old testament had control on where there tithes went. Some to the levites, some for a party, and some to the poor. This scripture is the most often neglected scripture conserning tithes and Offering.

    I consider all my money and time to be from Jesus and I give it whereever I please. I give people gifts on their birthdays, I give to my family, Somtimes I buy Christian videos for my kids. I give to young dating couples to pay for marriage licences, and I have one child in The carribian through world vision. Additionally I somtimes give to the offering plate at churches.

    Offering, Offering, Offering, is what christians should be giving not tithes. Offering was before tithes and exist now. The tithe died with the destruction of the Jewish temple.

    I could go on but please keep spreading your word. Without cumpultion the church will change greatly. The leagalism of tithing robs people of freewill ministries. The buildings become the only place where giving takes place when freewill offering should be an everyday eveywhere place to do ministy.

    Destroying tithes takes church ministry out of the box.
    Offering Offering Please people become freewill givers!!!

  3. Jared Brian says:

    Thanks for your good word freewillgiver. You are right, i do not believe that tithing should be for the NT Church. Keep encouraging others about this as well.

  4. Ron Moss says:

    As I remember it was 10% to be given to the tribe of Levi that was for government and church
    That was before the ACLU insisted on the seperation

  5. MikeyA says:

    I was an associate pastor at a church that preached tithing, and preached tithing, and preached tithing, maybe because the pastor’s salaries (including mine) were WAY too high and the material need of worldly things came first.

    I resigned because of this (and other reasons) and now pastor a small country church of about 50 people. When I first started, the people were good givers. Since I have preached on freewill giving and made sure they understood that the tithe was an Old Testsmant issue, the giving from my people went up 26%. The truth matters.

    The Lord loves a cheerful giver!

    … MikeyA

  6. Mike says:

    What does tithing have to do with a 58.5 million dollar jet?
    It is poor stewardship no matter how you slice it.

  7. joyce gaines says:

    you are correct GOD will deal with all in HIS appointed time which is very near. Harris County Hosptial District(HOUSTON TX) has begun to request its patients to register for a more efficient way of processing PALM SCANNING! MARK OF THE BEAST IS VERY NEAR

  8. Jack says:

    I have to say I don’t have a corporate jet. We keep rolling along in our custom touring bus that cost us a paltry 250 k that’s 250 k less than a small plane. This is the same but Sarah Palin used a few months back. God told me it was okay to have a few creature comforts and to keep me comfy in my old age and Rexella’s cosmetic surgery.

  9. Justin says:

    Jack Van Impe,
    Come on man. Airplanes were made for the glory of God. Just like internet and your website. You’re seeing through the eyes of the media and the government and it has blinded you. Keep your eyes on the Son. Did not Jesus ride a donkey into Jerusalem? That was transportation in those days!

    • Vincent Probst says:

      I just got the left foot of fellowship for mentioning the names of two of these prophets for profit at a mens breakfast at the Southern Baptist church I attended. It was a real shock but one that must be endured as the lukewarm church rolls on.

      • Justin says:

        Yeah people are so judgmental. Mostly the Christians but then again so were the pharisees. Jesus treated them bluntly because they were so blinded. Did not the priests of the Lord get their portion while serving? Isn’t a man worthy of his wages (as mentioned in the Bible)? I work my living butt off in my ministry and the work is so much harder than in secular world. Don’t people see that? Am I not entitled to make a living? These individuals who have private airplanes have massive ministries/organizations. There schedules are just as crazy as any Fortune 500 company CEO. Do you want these ministry leaders to ride their bike to work? It’s no different than taking the private jet for a meeting on the other side of the USA or the world. Their schedules can’t fit in a commercial airline that may take two days getting somewhere and then traveling back. These airplanes are tools!! This wasn’t all directed towards my commenter but for the whole group tearing down private jets. Maybe those criticizing private jets should revert back to walking and riding bicycles, then we will see how thankful you are for the Lord’s blessings and tools to keep up in this fast past world we live in.

  10. MikeyA says:

    Many preachers use air travel as a “tool” in their ministry. Not a problem. But air travel is not in question here. We are talking $58.5 million for the cost of a private jet! Why can’t they be like JVI and get a $250K touring bus? If ministry has become so complex that it requires the purchase of a multi-million dollar private jet, then perhaps they need to streamline their events and rethink their ministry strategy and be better stewards of what God is giving them.

    I say take the $58.5 and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prison, and invite the stranger in. But do acts like this truly motivate these “preachers” in question? I think not.

  11. That is just the extent to which the gospel is being used for filthy lucre sake. What a contrast it is to the disposition of our poor lovely Jesus and his humble apostles. What Bible prophecy has said about the activities of false prophets are coming to the fore.

  12. There is nothing wrong if a preacher earns from his labour in the gospel especially when he so devotes himself to the point where he has no other source of income. And the Bible says they must live of the gospel. However, when you begin to flaunt your extravagance in the face of your members it could cause some of them to become reluctant to give and it would also cause unbelievers to feel justified in their opinion that the church is of human contrivance that is designed to advance personal wealth. Be careful how you cause the blessings the Lord bestows to be evil spoken of.

  13. eddie schwarz says:

    i agree why shouldnt they be blessed if their doing the work of the kingdom .

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