One comment on “Tithe Wars
  1. freewillgiver says:

    Here is an example of a Tithe war
    The tithe war between Christian schools and Churches.
    Recently,My cousin has come to a tough decision to make. Send her kid to Christian school or tithe to her church and send her kid to public school. Remember school gets kids for over 6 hours a day X 18 years!!! Public school influence is stronger than telivision. It’s a no brainer for me because I am a freewill giver. Take care of the home first.

    Ask an ordinary pastor about this issue. Can one cosider the amount one spends on Christian Schools as tithes? Most Christian pastors believe that the tithe “belongs to the local church” If people more were freewill givers then many more would send their kids to Chrisian schools.
    My wife is the pricipal of a Christian school.

    I am an African American who grew up in public schools and I deeply regret that there is not a widespread voucher program. I would move to a smaller house before I sent my kids to a public school. In my opinion public schools are anti-christan, evangelical, secular. They preach atheism and abortion are positive goods. Additonally, they preach that being a virgin before marriage is wrong and intolorant. Everyday they are getting worse

    I do not consider giving to churches more worthy than giving to Christian schools or Christian entertainment.
    Christan education begins in the home and the first giving should be to one’s family. Lot might have attended a godly religous service but he still lost his family.

    Why send your money to another country to send thier kids to priviate Christian schools while your own kid is going to a school with the values of Sodom.

    When christians send their kids to public schools they help to pay for the public school system which constitutes a hostile secular church against Jesus. If a large number of Christians home schooled or sent their kids to priviate school vouchers would quickly pass,and America would be dramatically changed. For millions of kids 6 hours a day X 18 years would belong to more Jesus education.

    The tithe doctrines help to hold children away from Jesus education


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