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60+ Questions on Tithing

questions on tithingWe answer questions to over 60 false statements that are used to defend the practice of tithing

questions on tithing

Should Churches file for 501c3 Status?

Should Churches file for 501c3 Status?

Disclaimer: I am not a legal or financial expert. So please agree with and follow blindly with every[...]

Free PDF e-book on Tithing

free ebook on tithingDownload a free PDF Tithing e-book that will help you discover true biblical principles of stewardship

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We hope our resources help inform and encourage Christian believers about following biblical giving that is not bound by tithing, but is sacrificial and cheerful. Our desire is to break all from the bondage legalism and encourage everyone to embrace sacrificial giving led by the Spirit of God.

On this site you will find many resources that will help answer questions about Church stewardship & tithing and also prepare you for teaching others as well. Many of you, who question the purpose of tithing and Spirit led giving, can find answers through the search box at the top, or you can use the live chat button to speak with somene immediately who may answer your question. We hope that you will find fellowship and encouragement on this site to follow Church stewardship principles that God has implemented and also teach others to follow that path as well.

- Jared Bartholomew

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