The Church Storehouse

The Church Storehouse

Today our church building is typically interpreted as the Old Testament storehouse. If we look at the description of a storehouse, would a church really fit this description? Isn’t a storehouse called a storehouse, because it stores things? For instance, in the Old Testament, the Israelites brought the first fruits and tithe to the storehouse, so that it can be stored until it was later distributed. How long does the church hold on to your tithe or offering check for? One day(typically), a week, or a month at the most. The bank’s biggest customer on Monday mornings is church secretaries depositing the tithe and offering checks from Sunday services. So, really your church doesn’t store your increase, the bank does. Wouldn’t the bank be a better, literal interpretation of what the storehouse was in the Old Testament?

Hmmm, are the wheels turning yet? I usually get the argument, about the church being where our money is distributed to the poor and missions. Well, doesn’t a bank distribute funds as well? No, I don’t think the bank is the storehouse, nor do I think that the church building is the storehouse. The literal interpretation of the storehouse is the kingdom of heaven. “Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”. It is the place where we store our spiritual and eternal increase (our precious stones and crowns) and it is where we will distribute to Jesus Christ our king and High Priest.

Jared Brian is the author of There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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28 comments on “The Church Storehouse
  1. Tab says:

    I ran across your article after the Lord spoke to me Storehouse…so I began studying in order to follow through with what He is addressing me to do… I find your study true and if we are continuing in JUST giving to a church for a place of storehouse it will remain there…”In store” My Jesus helped the hungry and gave to the poor…we will never FULLY do our duty if we aint helping the sick, poor, needy, hungry etc…spiritually or physically

    • Andrea Bearden-Kuhns says:

      As the founder of Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside CA, I couldn’t agree more. My tithing goes to the mission, now going on 2 decades of helping the homeless and poor in our community.

    • Tye says:

      Same direction my spirit was taken as i left my dad’s church

  2. Alvin S. Cook says:

    Jared..Your thoughts are Valid, but simply, Not Spirit. Your case can be discussed along the natural lines and in a natural court, you’re sitting on the proof you want. BUT..In GOD The FATHER’s Venues, HIS WAYS, Being IN JESUS’ NAME, not just associated as a little Christ, you don’t have a single Spiritual Point that indicates how any Servant, Bought with a Price, Serves his MASTER.. It’s a Non Spirit Led answer you have going..Seek The LORD While HE May Be FOUND is a Relationship, Viable for HIS Plan for Family, which IS The Local Church Gathering, whether it’s a Starbucks or Breakfast Shop in England, or a Park in Russia..You get the idea..Support for HIS Kingdom is what you would have to Re-Meditate on, and not be Topical in Scripture, But FIND HIS WAYS.. May you Find TRUTH In JESUS Greater than a lot of the Topical quote of Scripture that passes over pulpits, so that in your Intimacy, your Givings will Reflect where your Heart has Treasure..Simply Put, In Anything, EveryTime, EveeryWhere HE WANTS TO BE, GO and DO..

    • Jared Brian says:

      Who do you think placed the natural intellect in us? Reason and logic are not pagan. Using logic and reason is just as spiritual as eating, walking, & praying.

      you don’t have a single Spiritual Point that indicates how any Servant, Bought with a Price, Serves his MASTER.

      I’m sure there are a million truths I failed to mention as well, but my intention wasn’t to write a book. The overall gist of the article is to get you to realize that the storehouse of the Old Testament is not the resemblance of the Church Building or even the Ecclesia. The Old Testament storehouse is the resemblance of our eternal, spiritual landing place. That’s why i gave the verse Matthew 6:20 – “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

      Most theologians and pastors would agree with that resemblance, but they also falsely claim the Old Testament storehouse is resemblant of the local Church. I say it is false and gave scriptural and spiritual reasons why as well as my logic.

      • Pastor Tony Davis says:

        People perish for the lack of knowledge

      • Val Okoroma says:

        Pls i want to know where exactly is the storehouse of GOD

        • Jared Brian says:

          i stated it in my comment
          Matthew 6:20 – “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

          • Val Okoroma says:

            Here ur talking about storing up my myself and my
            being..the context is the tithe,something i need to present physically.spiritual sacrifice is different from this.
            Hope to get more clear lights and tenses.

          • Jared Brian says:

            One of the 12 tribes of Israel

          • Obed asif says:

            Honestly, how many of us are looking for a bank balance in Heaven where there are streets of gold? Are we doubting our prayers and trying to keep track of the right hand? Prayerful congregation is a transparent church that is reaching out to the ends of the earth. when you give, trust in the Lord while being on the earth, let the Holy Spirit guide the church leadership through humbleness!

        • Jared Brian says:

          physical giving and spiritual sacrifice may be one-in-the-same. It may also be mutually exclusive to one another. Not sure what exactly your question is.

          • Val Okoroma says:

            Now what u are saying is that my tithe paying is not a thing of physical (money or harvests),if otherwise where should i take my tithe to…pls be straight forward.just name the place.

        • Jared Brian says:

          Tithe paying is to be given to the Levites. The Levites then give 10% of the tithe to the Temple Storehouse

  3. James J. Palmer, III says:


    Thank you for your article on tithing. I am a Baptist Church pastor and have been so for 34 years. I believe is sacrificial giving to the work of God and that God will bless those who give to His work. I also believe that the Church and God’s work are well served by disciplined, sacrificial and regular giving by each member of the congregation – even if one wants to reference the tithe as a “rule of thumb” for his or her personal giving.

    However, I believe that it does the church and her members a grave disservice to espouse that Malachi 3 imposes the tithe as a biblical requirement – especially since (1) a fair reading of the passage and consideration of the historical context seem to clearly indicate that the church is not the “storehouse” as referenced in the passage nor is it “God’s house” as referenced in the passage; and (2) except for Jesus’ reference to parental neglect by those then under the Old Testament system (Matthew 23:23), the New Testament is simply void of any requirement for tithing. In fact, when perhaps the most likely opportunity for Paul to advance tithing as a requirement arose, he did not. He simply said “let everyone give as God has prospered him” (I Cor 16:2).

    Giving is important. Liberal giving to a church coupled with responsible and discerning stewardship of those gifts will result in immeasurable blessing to the giver, the church, the work of the church, and to those being ministered to. Liberal giving should always be taught and encouraged. However, scripture should never be misapplied to advance any objective – even the good objective of funding God’s work. There are lots of properly applicable truths in God’s word to support the encouragement to generous giving. We as God’s pastors and teachers should (and can) provide biblically compelling grounds for generous stewardship by the giver and the church that can actually be more compelling than that twisted from Mal 3. I pray that we will do so.

    Thank you for your article.

    James J. Palmer, III
    Pastor Mt. Zion Baptist Church
    Bluefield, WV

  4. Edith howard says:

    Do pastors receive the tithe for themselves. I heard one pastor say he is the storehouse.

  5. Lillie Williams says:

    Thanks for opening up the eyes of the blind,I’ve been having so much confusion, between me and my mom on this subject

  6. Frank Gross says:

    The O.T. demanded a literal tithe whereas the N.T. only says to be generous and willing to share. There is no record of literal tithing in any N.T. church.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What are your opinions on a person who serves in and gives offerings to one ministry but tithes/sows to another ministry?

  8. rebecca lasalle says:

    so who are the levites today? is it the people who lead worship? levites were people who served in the temple. paul did say set aside something weekly so that when i come there i wont have to take up an offering.

  9. Samuel Okoro says:

    What about sending one’s tithes to orphanage homes? Isn’t that a better storehouse of God?

  10. June says:

    Sorry i believe in paying tithes and do so always. I have been blessed in many ways including financialy. God knows our hearts if you pay believing it will be used for Gods work.He will bless you. I feel any christian church should do Gods work with the tithes and so he will bless the payers of any denomination.

  11. Rose says:

    One thing not mentioned here is that tithing did not begin with the Law or the Levitical priesthood. It began with Abraham paying tithes to Melchizedek (Hebrews 7) who was of a different priesthood. It is the order of Melchizedek of which Jesus is a priest. Of course they paid tithes under the Levitical priesthood, but that’s not how it began. Since Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek, then that would make tithing a New Testament thing. However, one could argue how to pay tithes to Jesus. I don’t agree with tithing being strictly a “spiritual” thing. The principle of giving of our physical substance to the Lord and others is still valid today. We’re not just here spiritually on the earth, we’re here physically too. People will always look for excuses not to give because its uncomfortable. How much did He give for you?

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