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Published videos out there pertaining to the subject of stewardship or tithing.

This video was posted by Patricia from Ban Preacher Greed in our Comments section. Listen to the words she puts with the tune of ‘Jesus Loves Me’

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It’s a shame to come across such a good quality video to not only find it teaching the error of tithing but blatantly inserting a flat-out lie. The exact quote from the video is that, “Jesus himself talked about tithing to the …

Bob’s Fairy Tale – Tithing Video Read More »

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If you are one of those who are in love with tithing (ahem, prosperity pimps) and fantasize about financial blessings, then this video is for you. LISTEN UP!

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For those who did not get to see the tithing debate with Russ Kelly in action on Revelation TV, here are the videos. There are Six total videos that are a total of 1.5 hours, so the next video will …

Tithing Debate on Revelation TV Read More »

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