Where Does the Tithe Argument First Come into Play?

Where Does the Tithe Argument First Come into Play?

money in a baseball gloveSome feel that, according to God’s direction, 10% should be portioned off to the local church First, In the early NT all was taken from everyone and all was distributed to everyone. In other words, there is no mention of a ten percent portion going anywhere. Second, The local church is not the representation of the OT storehouse. OT pictures were earthly parables with everlasting meanings. for instance, the OT storehouse is the picture of our eternal storehouse, “lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where moth or rust comes or thieves can steal”. So why must we designate a tithe and offering to the local church? Yes we are to be stewards of 100% of it. So in teaching stewardship, why is 10% commanded to store in a false storehouse? You can put 10% into your local church if that’s where and what the Spirit is telling you to give. But I can guarantee America’s fat church complexes aren’t in that big of a need. I give what i feel is right to my local church, but i do not encourage thoughtless spending with something that wasn’t needed. To think about this logically, demanding a guaranteed church income is not the best way to have accountability in spending it. Just look at the government.

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