Church Rethinks its Role

Church Rethinks its Role

The quotes i am about to write in this blog almost don’t sound real. The original news article is found at You can see for yourself how the Church is way off track with what our mission is suppose to be. For those of you who don’t want to read the article, the basic premises is that a church is in a lot of debt, and they don’t have a lot of money to pay for it. So they are contemplating turning their facility into a community center so they can attract more revenue in order to keep their doors open. So let’s start blowing your mind. Here are the quotes from this article.

Mind boggling statement #1

I’ve perceived a real need for a center in the community” . . .

. . .  “We’ve seen the facility as a real potential asset for the community as a whole”

Mind boggling statement #2

“The answer may be found in what other communities nationwide have called “adaptive reuse” of churches that have opened their doors to community purposes in order to survive.”

Mind Boggling statement #3

“I am of the opinion that some of the ideas that have worked across the country in adaptive reuse could work here if there is a proper process in educating the community and allowing the community to participate.”

Why does it all of a sudden become a necessity to be involved in community, when you face extinction? How messed up have we been if now we realize that we should start being an asset to the community around us? Since when did we realize that our doors need to be opened to community? And finally, since when did we realize that educating and allowing the community to participate was a good idea? Holy, stinkin moley! Are you kidding me? These church leaders all of a sudden received an epiphany about their relevancy in the community? Being relevant is hardly about whether you’ve got the right clothing styles, modern worship band, great equipment, and a nice place to gather. I can tell you that as a parent, if simulating my child’s wardrobe and music mixes makes me relevant than that’s the last thing on my list to do. The definition of relevant is: “Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand.

” What specific matters does the church have a good bearing on right now? I’m sure we have a good hold on the “cool” matter. I’m sure we have a good hold on the “big and popular” matter. I’m sure we’ve done a great job connecting the Godly culture with the wordly culture. But what matters should we actually have a bearing on? That’s the relevant question we should be answering.

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