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If you navigate to the website of Family Community Church in North Highlands, CA, you will come across their “Tithing Confession” page. here is the link – http://familycc.org/tithing-confession Look at the ridiculous, and comical tithing confession below Every single one …

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Listen to Pat Robertson’s response to this person’s inquiry below Melissa: “Our family is struggling financially. We cannot pay our mortgage and now it’s getting to the point to where our tithe to our church is taking away from paying …

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I just wanted to brag a little. Here is a screenshot of our odometer on our 1997 Toyota Camry. 200,000 miles!!! Happy B-Day. Just to reward the faithful Camry i installed brand new Monroe quick struts. They were buy 3 …

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A link to this news story was posted by Russ Kelly on the yahoo tithing study group. Malachi 3:10-12 LLC, a New York company headed by Diane Fox, has defaulted on a $2.2 million from Northern Trust that she used …

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– Giving to the poor The concept to support the poor through offerings is reiterated in the New Covenant, so why wouldn’t tithing be reiterated to support the spread of the gospel even just once? – In regards to tithing …

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