Church Turns Gopher Holes into Golden Harvest

Church Turns Gopher Holes into Golden Harvest

Argus Leader News Article: Church Turns Gopher Holes into Golden Harvest

corn on a plateNow this is what i call practical. A church decides to turn a field that is deemed useless because of all the gophers holes, into something useful. They turned an empty field into an acre full of corn crops. The church is planning on donating a tithe of the whole crop to the community and neighbors. What’s the point of telling people that we have everlasting food when we have a hard time providing them the temporary food? It’s good to see that many of the churches have something to hand out instead of ask for at the end of the day. I’m all for giving our money to foreign missionaries, but if our neighbors don’t see our generosity, then we might as well move our location to where our generosity is going.

I think this is a good use of resources. It really doesn’t take much TLC to plant some crops. There are basically two big tasks – planting and reaping.

What do you think the benefits will be from doing something like this? How do you think the community will react? Do you think your church is capable of a task like this?

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One comment on “Church Turns Gopher Holes into Golden Harvest
  1. Taylor says:

    For a church and other charitable organizations that operate basically from donations, this is a very powerful way to invoke the law or reciprocity in others.
    Basically, the more you give, the more you get back.  And for a change, the local donators are getting something back which can only make them more connected to the church and want to do more to help the church.
    Its always better to give a hand then have your hand out

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