Freely Receive, Freely Give

Freely Receive, Freely Give

Mission organizations receive donations from around the world. People have freely given them donations, and it’s no wonder why they freely give back. Don’t you think it’s odd that organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army are the ones left up to taking care of the needy? Why don’t we think there’s something wrong with that? The homeless are supported by other organizations poorer than the church, and we wish we had more money to better fulfill the great commission.

Whether or not pouring money into our church real estate is right or wrong, the church is definitely not a recognized candidate for charity. We take our tithe check and horde it into something that looks good instead of pouring it into people who are not attractive at all. I agree, I would feel more comfortable as well, if I gave my money towards something more beautiful that could be considered a financial investment. It’s hard to give that bum on the street some money, cause in the back of our head we’re thinking that it would be wasted on some booz.

Demanding a tithe brings no accountability to the leaders of our churches. The mission organizations receive free donations. They know that they might not see that money ever again, but they give it back freely, because they have received it freely. Imagine if our government was supported through charitable donations, how much more honest would it be? We give our lives back to Christ much more freely because we have received it freely. God was under no obligation to give, and neither should we.

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