Mission Awareness

Mission Awareness


Since many people wonder why i spend much of my time discussing and studying the bible about tithing and stewardship i want to share some inside information that will help you understand how important this issue is globally.

I first began this website in 2006 with the intent of just simply publishing my beliefs and studies on the subject of tithing. I wanted to help spread the truth about tithing and how it was falsely being taught in the Church. I just wanted to share my thoughts with a few people and had no intention of making it popular throughout the world.

How big has this website grown?

In my first month tracking the website statistics, it was August 2007 and i had a total of 3,800 “unique visitors”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with statistical jargon, you have three main types of statistic tracking categories that help you determine the impact of your site – ‘unique visitors’, ‘visits’, and ‘hits’. Unique visitors is your bottom line. This shows how many individual entities had visited your site. Visits and Hits will always be higher numbers and are not really used to determine your impact. Great we got that out of the way, so let’s move on.

A year later in August 2008, the number of unique visitors had doubled from from 3,808 to 8,042. At this point, i really began to wonder how many people on the internet are really searching for answers and questions on tithing? But by August 2009, it nearly doubled again to 14,352. At this point, this website was within the first couple spots on Google in the U.S. for “Tithe” or “Tithing” keywords. My first assumption was that this website has probably maxed out on potential. Now that it was listed near the top of Google, i didn’t think it could grow much bigger. Nonetheless, i kept writing more blog articles and networking more.

Of course, once again in August 2010, the website grew tremendously. The website was at 24,325 visitors for that month. Now, in March 2011, the website reached 33,896 unique visitors for that whole month! That is over one-thousand a day that are searching for articles on tithing or stewardship and are coming to this website.

Some more Interesting Statistics

  • Per country, our most visitors come in this order – U.S., Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Netherlands, China, Australia, France, Indonesia, Thailand, . . .  and more. . .
  • -1587 visitors came to our website by searching for “Tithe” in a search engine. . .
    -1580 visitors came to this website by searching for “Tithing” in a search engine as well. . .
    -430 additional visitors came to this website by searching the term “Tithes” in a search engine as well.
  • Google’s  keyword tool shows that all three keywords above are being searched in the U.S. over 100,000/month. Which means that regardless of how well this website ranks right now, there is still 96% of the population in the U.S. finding other websites on tithing.
  • This website is also found through 10,375 other keyphrases in search engines.
  • There are 840,606 hits/month on this website.
  • 85% of the people that visit the website are new visitors that have never visited this site before.
  • 3,285 visits are made with a mobile device.

Domain Acquisition

Because of the impact of this website and the number of people searching for answers and questions on tithing, i had acquired about purchasing two key domain names – “Tithes.com” and “Tithing.com”. Miraculously, I was able to successfully purchase “tithing.com” privately through an individual, and also purchase “Tithes.com” through an auction website. These purchases were not cheap and totaled over $750 all together. Before you think i’m crazy for doing so, let me explain a few reasons why i purchased the domain names

  1. Keep high profile keyword domain names away from the competition. If you have a domain as the major keyword, your chances of being higher in the searches are greater than if you had a generic domain name. So why would i allow the possible opportunity to give this advantage to those who wish to promote tithing?
  2. It is my passion. I love this subject of tithing and stewardship in the Church. Don’t worry, i get weary of talking about the same thing all the time,so I have to take breaks. But since i am not one of those geniuses who can excel at any task, i must completely focus on one task and master it to its fullest.
  3. It is a lifetime ownership. Once a high profile domain name is in someone’s possession, the chance that you will be able to acquire that for yourself would be miraculous. Only 1 person in the world can own “Tithing.com” or “Tithes.com”. That is why i think it is no coincidence that i was able to acquire both domain names at the same time. In all honesty, it was by “divine chance” that i even saw that “tithes.com” was available, and also the previous owner of “tithing.com” had owned the domain for 10 years. So, i practically view this domain acquisition as a divine sign.

Right now, if you type in tithing.com or tithes.com in the address bar, they will both be forwarded to this website. I’m not sure if i will continue to forward these domains in the future, or if they will have their own website, so pray for guidance there. I need to find time to completely over-haul the home page, let alone find time to start two more websites on tithing.


With some facts about the amount interest others have about tithing and stewardship, i hope you have a better perspective as to why i spend so much time studying, writing, and debating. I hope it encourages you to help spread the truth about tithing since i stated that this website is only reaching 4% of those searching for tithing in the U.S.

– jared

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

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5 comments on “Mission Awareness
  1. David Glass says:

    I left a large comment on Church Stewardship and Tithing, but I see you haven’t published it.WHY? It was a reply for joel and some information I thought was trully relevant. Why don’t you print what folk write as long as it is not perverse or ranting. I must say, I am disappointed. You’ll never get people to hear what others really think. But I hope The Lord Blesses you anyway. David Glass

  2. Jared Brian says:

    David your comment perceived to be asking for financial support. I do my best to protect those who view this website and I do my best to not allow comments that seem to ask for financial help unless I have pre-approved the solicitation. I am all for fellowship and communion within the church but with the widespread scams out there that all seem to be legitimate claims, I have to have a strict policy regarding these types of comments. Please, I do not mean to offend anyone. This is only for protection of everyone on this blog

    – jared

  3. Mark Booth says:

    Your blog on tithing shows a absence of experiencing God’s “Opening the floodgates of heaven” principle. Clearly your negative outlook is your way of venting anger or disappointment indirectly towards God and trying to downplay the hope and expectation that Christians hold onto during a financial crisis or when an economy is in recession. The truth of the matter is that tithing is a law like the ten commandments that God instructs man to obey. There are many Christians that have experienced miracles after months or even years of hardship and a feeling of absolute despair and hopeless destruction. Initially man blames everything and anything for financial hardship and when no man made claim to finding a financial solution is found he starts to blame God, instead of beginning at the point of self assessment. God’s instruction on tithing is not a suggestion but a commandment fulfilled according to His Way and Purpose.  Tithing is never a sacrifice but an absolute obligation that is expected from God for every Christian who wants to succeed and prosper. One can play around thinking God will understand when we place Him last on our monthly “budget” but God detests this and hardship will eventually begin to prevail. We are warned in scripture “My people perish due to a lack of understanding of what I expect from them” God does not care about our failing economy or earthly blunders since He has already overcome all things. Trust you start tithing with a more positive, receiving and expectant spirit within. Be Blessed.

    • smiley says:

      Mr. Booth,
      Only in the kingdom of darkness is the truth taken as “negative”. I am not sure how you have gathered that this blog is a reaction to disappointment towards God. That is just your assumption and thank God it is not what is really going on. You saying that “tithing is an obligation” just lets people know that you have not DARE read your bible outside of what was preached or taught to you. No one here is saying stop giving. I felt obligated to respond to your post because you have no idea what this blog has done for people like me who so called tithed on every single dime they got to one day realize that there is something wrong and I don’t know what it is! If I began to tell you what I have seen God do without all of this legalistic foolishness that some people actually believe will get them into heaven (I can say that because I was one of those people). God has not done what He has done for your or any other “tither” because you gave ten percent of your gross income. IT IS CALLED GRACE!!!! You can not tithe your way into His blessing!!!  Please read the book of Galatians. I know you will disagree with me but the floodgates is RAIN. Yes, rain for crops. Not a blessing being poured out. Think about it! Or better yet pray about it! I remember when I used to think that the things I read on this blog was utter foolishness, but when I went to the WORD of GOD for myself. I had to weep and repent. I had to ask God to forgive me for looking down on people for not “trusting God enough” to “tithe”. I pray that God will continue to use this blog to set people free from the rubbish that we have called the truth. The truth is you think you are “tithing” and you are really not. You think God is pleased and He really is not. Please I beg you in the name of Jesus to see that trying to keep one law and ignore the others makes you guilty of ALL. God does not want your money. God is a spirit. He wants your heart and He does want us to care for others. Something is wrong though when people are so pressed to pass by someone hungry on the street and not give them a dime to eat because it is their “tithe”. Please read what Jesus said in Matthew 25:45. Again, this blog has changed my life forever. I am so grateful that God used the author to do what he has done. Because of this blog I have peace of mind and liberty in Christ Jesus. I continue to give! I will never stop giving but I have surely stopped the whole false doctrine of “tithing”!!! Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!!! Hallelujah!!!
      God Bless,

      • James says:

        May Gods Grace rest on you Smiley
        The Spirit of Truth will set you free. Amen to that
        Bless you

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