Should Money Make us Happy

Should Money Make us Happy

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I read this comment just a minute ago: “money does not make us happy”. i thought about that, and maybe i’m thinking too much, but if money doesn’t make people happy then why should we give our money away? If people aren’t blessed by our gift of money, then what fun would it be to give it away? Don’t tell me that you don’t at lease feel some relief when you receive your paycheck every week. Come on, it puts a grin on everyone’s face. Why not? Is that wrong? God gave us that money. So, wouldn’t it be a gift from him? Wouldn’t he want us to be happy for what he’s given us. Your children, a roof over your head, transportation, have all been given to us by God, but i don’t think anyone of us is saying that our children or a dry bed doesn’t make us happy.

The other point i want to bring up is the other comment that i read: “tithing will help us remember that money doesn’t bring happiness”. To tell you the truth if you want a lesson on how money doesn’t bring happiness, then give it all away. If we truly are seeking that lesson, then why not do the ultimatum and just give it all away. How do we know that giving 10% of our income will teach us that spirit filled priniple? Most people say that God said so in the bible by the guides that were laid out in the Old Testament. What they don’t see, is the guide that was given to us in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit was given to us in the New Testament, so we could have instructions to walk by. The old testament had the law as its tutor, but we have the instructions of the Spirit as ours.

You don’t teach the same lesson to five year olds as you do for 15 year olds. The holy spirit is a personal guide for every individual’s life, not the tithe. In conclusion, ask the Spirit to guide your money and your giving, only He can help you be satisfied with your money and giving.

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