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Can You Gauge a Heart by A Checkbook?

Many believe that giving is a sign of your heart. The more you give, the more it reflects your willingness to sacrifice more for God. But the problem is that there have been plenty of benevolent people who aren’t in

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How Churches Invest Their Money

An interesting report came out on the 17th by Joshua Ritchie from Mint.com. It’s titled, “How Churches Invest Their Money”. Here’s my quick breakdown of the article LDS – Church of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) “current LDS assets totaled $30

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The Crack Tithing Addiction

You know of anyone who has been addicted to drugs? I’ve had a couple family members that had been on drugs for quite some time. It’s a sad thing to see. The worst part happens when they need a fix

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Could More Money be the Answer?

Most people think that more money enables us to reach more of the world for God. We think that with more money, we can do more, and go further than before. But how true is this statement? Don’t get me

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There’s Something About Benjamin

benjamin franklin on 100 bill

i thought this was pretty clever.

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