Ten Tough Questions to Ask Tithers

Ten Tough Questions to Ask Tithers
This article was origninally published on our old site. I have decided to rewrite and improve it. This is a list of questions that you should ask tithing supporters.
  1. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, why has the tithing law changed so drastically from Israel’s time to where we are now?
  2. Why don’t we honor the tithing feast in Deuteronomy 14?
  3. Even though Israel had gold and silver, and could barter, why were they required to only give food, but we are permitted to give money?
  4. Were the tithes used to build the temple or help with maintenance?
  5. In Genesis 14, why did Abraham give 10% of his war spoils and not of his own wealth?
  6. Why was Israel required to give less than 1% of the increase in spoils of war? (Numbers 31).
  7. The tithe was used to support civil and governmental duties performed by Levites, so why are we required to tithe before taxes are taken out?
  8. Is tithing a schoolmaster that has already BROUGHT us to Christ, or is it still bringing us?
  9. In Malachi 3, because specific portions of offerings were required as well, Israel robbed God not only of tithes but also offerings. So why are offerings freewill for us?
  10. Let’s compare these two statements:
    – Where should our giving begin? vs.
    – Where should we end our giving?
    – Now, which answer should we be teaching?

Jared Brian is the author of www.tithing.com. There are over 300 articles written on research and reviews about tithing information.

6 comments on “Ten Tough Questions to Ask Tithers
  1. rey Diamante says:

    only in my own opinion and humble thought tithes and offerings talked about here areall about the earthly material money we earn from a job or business. in my understang the giving we should adhere to in this context is ourselves our body and time and skill and tallent that we should give to GOD by preaching the gospel bringing the light to the dark world. afterall tour human physical resources are a form of money already which can be used for the building of the temple of GOD which us the figurative church whom JESUSCHRIST is the HEAD. so i think we should all give 10% or portion ofourselves (time and talent)tothe fulfilling of the great commission JESUSCHRISTGAVE US

  2. Brod Jon says:

    Answers to 10 tough questions: 1)God does not change but his laws change. Thus the ceremonial animal sacrifice was abolished and replaced by Jesus’ own sacrifice; 2)Don’t honor the tithing feast, just give your tithe; 3)Ask the Israelites; 4)I think the tithes for the Israelites was for “that there will be food in my house” (Malachi3:10); 5)Ask Abraham; 6)Ask God; 7)See answer number 4. Tithe is taken from your own income. Taxes and other purposes of tithes shall not affect your christian giving; 8)If you are in Christ you should love and giving is an act of love. Jesus praised the widow who gave all her two small coins. She gave 100% not 10%; 9)Tithes and offerings are voluntary. Paul taught that we should give what we have decided to give, not reluctantly, or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver(2Corinthians9:7); 10)Our giving should begin when we have decided to give. It will end when you don’t want to give anymore.

    • Jared Brian says:

      @Brod Jon

      1. Please see my article here. https://www.tithing.com/blog/god-never-changes-what-about-tithing/
      2. Why Shouldn’t we honor the tithing feast?
      3. The ancient Israelites are not around so kinda hard to ask them. Besides why would we ask them why the Church is permitted to do today?
      4. The answer is NO. The tithes were NEVER used to build the temple or help with maintenance. A separate temple tax was used for this or freewill offerings were given. The tithe was literal food and was used to feed the levites. The Israelite nation could not enter the House of God.
      5. Abe is kinda dead, so can’t ask him. But scripture says Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils.
      6. The question really is if tithing is really required and Abraham set an example for all future generations, then why wasn’t israel required to tithe on their spoils of war?
      7. Tithing took care of civil duties for Israel.
      8. If a bride in love doesn’t need tithing 2 motivate her 2 sacrifice for her groom, then why would a church in love need tithing?
      9. In that case, Government taxes are voluntary aslo.
      10. our giving will begin when we begin it and will end when we end it? huh?
    • Anthony says:

      >>> Over the past few weeks I wrote and posted a series, a work in progress, on the lies regarding tithing being taught by false and incompetent Bible teachers.

      When I posted each part I was often asked if I could post the remaining sections. Here are all of the parts in one PDF file. Please be aware that this is a series I often add to as I take on more of the tithing lies we often hear from the pulpit.

      This PDF file is only what I have written on to date, and I will continue to add to it in the near future.

      Feel free to share with anyone you want, but please do not alter the content. Hope it blesses you and helps to set you free from liars who demand tithes!

      Here is the link to LIES ABOUT TITHING…


  3. Jeremiah says:

    @Brod Jon: Thanks for that wonderful response!

    It’s obvious Jared wants to play God and judge God over God’s own affairs. So, he can direct his questions to God directly.

    The tribute talked about in Debt.14 does not amount to a tithe Jared. Don’t belong to those who are unlearned and unstable and wrest the Scripture because some things are hard to understand in it and so they twist the. Scriptures to their own destruction (2Peter3:16).

    By the way Jared,can you quote the very books you read. that Spurgeon, Luther and the others said “No” to tithing? I know the Wesley brothers were not party to that! Please state the NAME of the books individually and not a”new” purported to be from them.

    Even if you could find such a book or books, know that it won’t matter because none of those writers died for me! JESUS did!.I listen ONLY to JESUS and not treed them!

    Ask Gloria Copeland for her response.

  4. Jared Brian says:


    “I want to play God and judge God”?

    Seriously? Pathetic strategy! I’m trying to remember the last time an individual was successful in their persuasion by attacking their opposition with baseless character assassinations.

    I completely respect Brod Jon and admire him. I doubt your response is honorable to most people and probably not in the eyes of God’s either. Because Jeremiah, you neither know my heart, nor my intentions. I cannot read your heart the way you can read mine, so i think you need to do some investigation and determine which one of us is trying to portray themselves as omniscient.

    Now i will stop wasting my time with you and move onto responding to Brod. When you are ready to dissect the author’s words rather than the author, then i’ll dialogue with you and answer your questions. . . Even though in your words, “It won’t matter”, i would still be glad to.

    – jared

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